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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 7950x won’t boot

Hi guys, I have a problem :

My new computer remains stuck on the message "Press F2 or DEL to enter UEFI bios".

If I do F2 or DEL nothing happens but I can do CTRL-ALT-SUP to restart.

If I do nothing, after about 2~3 minutes the bios is displayed and I lose 1 SSD (only 1 ssd is displayed on the two installed).

I have already :

  • updated the bios to the latest version
  • reset the bios
  • search on Google
  • disconnect USB devices
  • my ram is not OC, run at 4800MHz (stock settings)

If I unplug and reconnect the 220V socket I can boot into Windows ! After rebooting it still stuck...

Here is the configuration :

  • 2x16Go DDR5 5200MHz Corsair Vengeance
  • Asus Prime X670-P
  • Ryzen 9 7950x
  • Corsair RM1000x
  • 1x WD_Black SN850x 1to in slot M2.1 (Windows disk)
  • 1x Kingston A1000 960Go in slot M2.3 (games disk)
  • RTX 3090FE


Thank you for the help


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Big Boss

remiii40, what are you trying to boot from?  Have you installed Windows (version) and from what device? Your video does not play. Be sure to open a support request with your MB vendor. Thanks and enjoy, John.


I try to boot Windows 11 (latest stable version, no Insider) from my WD Black SSD (in M2.1 slot PCI 5.0).

It's a fresh install. I will try to contact the manufacturer of the motherboard.

It's a shame to spend a lot of money on "high-end" components and have problems..


remiii40, I still don't understand, Please answer:

1. Is Windows installed?

2. If installed, how?

3. Have you tried hitting Del key continuously immediately after power on?

4. Do you mean Ctrl-Alt-Del?

This sounds like a MB problem. Enjoy, John.


1. Yes Windows is installed

2. Via a usb key (MediaCreationTool)

3. Yes, it’s do nothing

4. Yes, SUP is french layout, sorry


Thanks, remiii40. How did you boot the USB key to install Windows? Is your KB wireless? I have had a lot on problems with my Logitech K545 KB and M510 mouse not always communicating reliably with my system. I finally installed a USB extension cable so the dongle is right behind the KB at the base of my monitor where I can keep an eye on it. No more failures.

Have you opened a service request with MB vendor? Please do. Enjoy, John.


My SSDs were blank, the computer started by itself on the USB key (in UEFI mode).

Everything is wired : Corsair K70 + Corsair Dark Core.
I can do CTRL-ALT-DEL… So my keyboard is plugged in

Yes I contacted the manufacturer, I await their answers


Sorry, remiii40. Looks like you need to wait to hear.  I would suggest RMAing the board. Your SSDs are no longer blank if Windows is installed. Enjoy, John.


You didn't understand what I said. I had my SSDs empty so the BIOS booted automatically on the USB stick. Cordially