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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 7950x - bad benchmarks, one core significantly worse than others.

So I'm still within the "return to seller" period for my Ryzen 9 7950x, but I'd like to find out if what I'm experiencing is normal for this cpu or a rare failure. Although I've already found another thread on this forum describing the exact same thing Amazingly the person has the problem with the same core 7 as I.

But, let's start from the beginning. I got my Ryzen 9 7950x few days ago. I'm using it with an Asus proart x670e-creator wifi MB and a Corsair h150i AIO. I even made a fresh install of Windows 11, but still the best scores on standard settings (no overclocking) I got was 35k Cinebench r23 points. I spent days trying various bios settings, with no results.

Eventually I realised my bad performance is caused by core 7 being 95C all the time while others are between 60c to 70C. I've tried reseating the cpu, repasting. Nothing helps. I tried undervolting said core, but the only way I managed to get slightly better performance(37300) was when I enabled per core max boost frequency override and set core 7 to 4000mhz to let other cores boost higher

So I'll be returning this cpu. The question is, is this rare or rather common?  I definitely don't want the sesame problem on the other one. 

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