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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 7900X memtest failure


I bought a Ryzen 9 7900X, built with ASUS TUF Gaming B650 PLUS WIFI and Corsair Vengeance CMK32GX5M2B5600C36.
Running memtest only for a short while floods it with CPU errors and after a few mins it terminates because of amount of errors. Replaced it with another of same model and it's the exact same thing except the flooding of errors happen later in the memtest.
BIOS has been updated to latest available from ASUS. I have another DDR5 RAM I can try with tomorrow but posting now for potential replies because I can't believe I have 2 brand new defect CPUs.

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Adept III

I was having windows freezes with Corsair, tested 4 different sticks, changed to ADATA / XPG and the problem gone.

But in my case the stress tests are without problems and ok.


By "MEMTEST" are you talking about MEMTEST64 that checks RAM modules for defects?

If it is then it isn't checking your CPU but rather your RAM Memory modules. One or more seems to be defective if you get that many errors.

I would remove all the RAM Modules and install one RAM Stick in A2 and then run Memtest64 to check it. If no errors then do the same for all the rest of your RAM memory to find out which is the one that is defective.

NOTE: Can also be a defective DIMM Slot on the Motherboard.

To check your new Processor download and run OCCT CPU Stress test. That will show you if you have any errors from your CPU or not.

I would run all three test to check your GPU and PSU while you are it.