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Ryzen 9 5950x Running at 74c, Is this a safe Temperature?

I have paired a new Ryzen 9 5950x with an Asus Crosshair viii hero, but I am suffering really high temperatures. at idle the processor is running at 75C.   Under very light load goes up to 80C

I have tried lot of things and just for clarity I am very experienced in building machines (over 25 years). 

I used a Corsair 100i platinum cooler and after several attempts to cool ( 4 reseats using 3 different CPU thermal pastes) I came initially to the conclusion it was the cooler at fault. 

Wanting to use I bit the bullet and bought a replacement cooler a Kraken X73, I installed and net result was  1C cooler i.e. 74C.  So not the cooler but something else!

I did some searching online to discover others have been having a similar issue multiple motherboards, I found some suggestions to help which were to switch my board into an eco mode (which did nothing) the next suggestion was to disable boosting (which kind of cripples the chip) , this I did and now see temperatures in the region of 45C. I don't know where the problem lies exactly, but if several manufactures are seeing then it kind of points to an AMD issue with the Chip or something they have supplied to the board manufacturers. After days of building and then re-applying the coolers I do feel a little cheated. I tried raising with ASUS but because I registered my motherboard for cash back it is saying the serial number is already registered so cannot raise a support case. I coming on here hoping that someone can give some advice and maybe someone from AMD can help.   


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Hi friend and Merry Christmas. If you check the previous posts here, you will find my posts with photos that showing the answers I got from AMD regarding this matter. I had contacted them from the start and they answered with a delay but at least they answer. Well I am still not that satisfied with the answers but I hope we can get later a new bios update and agesa for the motherboard or chipset drivers from AMD too. Now I am waiting also a liquid cooler to arrive and I will use also a better thermal paste instead of the stock of the box to see if things will change.

You don't have to get a liquid cooler or a new thermal paste to enjoy your computer !!!

I have a Noctua cooler (not liquid) and a good thermal paste and I'm not satisfied of my 900€ CPU !!!

Because of the temperature I have a airplane turbine in my living room !!! Like this your neighbor can know that you have a 5950x !!! Thank you AMD !!!


The only reason I got the liquid cooler is because the one I am waiting it's specifically for the Ryzen 5950x series. So I will know at least that I am using a proper cooler that is suggested by CoolerMaster and AMD. From the other hand I don't really believe that it will change a lot the things considering all the comments I read here. But according to the AMD, the Ryzen 5950x is designed to run easy without problems at 90-95 degrees. But I am not sure if this is truth or a cheap excuse. Well let's hope that they will do something about it while time by time more people coming here in the forums to complain about the same thing.


"But according to the AMD, the Ryzen 5950x is designed to run easy without problems at 90-95 degrees"...

Great... do they know that more high temperature means more noise ???

Now I no longer have fun to play on my desk because my computer noise hits me on the head.


I never had this problem with my 3900X.  Temps consistently in the 30’s/40’s even overclocked.  There is definitely something wrong with either the chip architecture or with something strange in the Asus motherboard.  What ever it is, until they hear from all of us, it’s not going to get fixed too quickly.  Time to not only write the company’s but also to get some of the reviewers like LTT to give it some traction.  


Everybody complaining but almost no one stating how they are running this CPU.

PBO enabled? Expect high temps in the 85-90 Celsius. 

Stock? Max 70 Celsius with decent AIO.

Reset your abacus to default 1st and test.



If you bothered reading the thread you would know that we are getting these problems using default settings and getting high temps just booting into Windows.



I read the thread again and I stick to my statement.

"I am having the same problem" means nothing without a full setup description.

Don't be mad with me. My 1st 5950X was a dud also and I had to buy a 2nd one to get my system stable. But neither the 1st one and certainly not the 2nd one exhibited high temperatures at stock.

Be aware that some motherboard manufacturers like Asus enable PBO by default (seen a couple of users reporting this, not my experience) while others like Gigabyte have it disabled by default. Also Ryzen Master can play a role in this.

Of course, having the experience of my 1st bad AMD Ryzen 5950X, I cannot rules out defective CPUs or crappy BIOS causing high temperatures also.

Hope you get your fix soon.


My 5950x when I brought it had 90C idle temps stock with PBO off by default using x570 Asus Tuff Plus wifi. 

I'm no longer having the problem but thought I would clarify with regards to PBO. 

I'm curious what was wrong with your first 5950x? 



I am curious also, but I guess I will never know for sure. Sent the CPU back to the shop after I bought the 2nd one.
I am thinking very very bad binning on AMD's part.


So something like your cinebench scores were below expected? Or did you use some other software?

My R23 for reference

without PBO Multi 23,200 Single 1600

with PBO  Multi 28,800 Single 1560



I don't think the friend here was mad. He just mentioned that because your answer seemed to took place without reading the full information of the thread.


No one is mad with you I guess. We just trying to find out what's going on. And about the fact you mentioned of buying a second one. So you mean that all of us here that we bought the cpu, have a problematic and defective cpu?


If something like that happens for so many units in every single owner of the 5950x, it means that AMD totally failed.


What I noticed is that 5950x most likely isn't handled right by the motherboards at the moment about the core voltage changes when the auto boost is used.


For example with the stock settings I had even 90 degree Celsius by just opening Chrome while in idle mode I had 50-73 that is insane.


So the cpu was jumping from its 3.4GHz stock frequency to 4.5,4.6,4.9GHz and the temps where high while the voltage were changing.


So after I went to the Bios and enabled the CPPC Preferred cores, TPU setting to TPU 1 and efficiency mode, thw frequency changed automatically to 4GHz stable and no auto boost was happening again.


And with these the temps are max 60 when I play for example a game (not a heavy one yet cause I am waiting my GPU).


But it's annoying to do stuff like this for the time and not using a monster cpu like this to its full potential.


I even talked with AMD and they find it normal for the 5950x to work like this. So if it was a bad units, they shouldn't already tell me for a replacement? Or they just lie to us?


Something's wrong here and I hope the experts of overclocking will find what's behind it or motherboards brand or AMD fix it by new bios and chipset updates.


Anyone mentioned trying changing Performance Enhancer from Auto to Default yet..? At least that's what's it's call in the Asus BIOS..  under AI Tweaker Tab..



Did you try this? Did you find any difference? I was reading about this feature on Google but I didn't find really something that could help. So you mean to let all the settings in default but just trying to change this to default instead of Auto?


Big difference..

Well I have a 7 3700x but from what I found when trying to work out why mine always seemed to push that little hard @ 100% always creeping near the 79 - 85c

Essentially Performance Enhancer basically means hold thetboosted FEQ as long as possible until either cpu power, soc power, voltage etc & the maib one.. THERMAL limit is reached.

And for some reason AUTO basically should actually say..  "ON"

Found my Cinebench run temps dropped from clipping 78 - 83c back to 65c to maybe 72c on a hot day.

Test score barely changed 5 points because what was gained the extra push was mostly offset by it then easing to let temps drop a bit.. up & down etc.





Thanks for the answer. So if I am not mistaken, if I use the value Default instead of Auto I will lose a bit of performance or not?


Depends how much extra it was able to get extend or push the boost.

You can tweak how many extra Mhz to boost over and how long etc. Manually through the precision boost and performance options.. But yeah the standard config seems to push a little hard unless you have really good cooling.

Run a benchmark with and without.

I've only got a 120mm RAD on mine currently so my score drop a whole 5 or 7 points..

Fairly sure I saw a YouTube review or similar where he apparently asked someone @ @amd and there answer was the it's made to operate within those temps..

Personally I rather high 60s may be a low 70.. not low mid 80s.



ΟΚ, I will check it out. Thank you buddy.


So.....I was still experimenting at 2:00am this morning and found that my 5950 is extremely sensitive to voltage changes.  With core boost and PBO on it reads 1.375 and the temps are like 80’s-90’s.  I turned the boost and PBO off and manually set the voltage to 1.0 just as a test.  Temps dropped to 30’s -40’s at idle and never went above 70’s when stress testing.  This was running the CPU at factory setting of 3.4 gHz.  Pushin the voltage up, it stayed fairly stable until I started going past 1.2 at which point, the temps rose fairly quickly.  This is on an Asus Crosshair Hero VIII WiFi with the 12/25 BIOS upgrade and a Corsair 1151i AIO 360mm cooler. 
I see there are a lot of other voltage settings under the Tweaker’s tab, but unfortunately I don’t know enough about those to mess with them.  Perhaps someone with more knowledge than me about this can comment if it would make any improvement.  For now, I’m just going to keep my voltage down bit I’m sure I’m taking a performance hit.  




Hi friend. What you are mentioning it makes sense. That's what I mentioned too in my previous posts here that all seems to be a case of when the voltage changing up and down for the CPU to provide the auto boost performance.


Even a friend of mine had the same with a 3800x cpu and when he disabled the auto boost and set the voltage stable, it stopped and be got much better temps.


I also did something as I mentioned by enable efficiency mode, CPPC, CPPC Preferred Cores and turned the TPU setting to TPU 1 and now the cou runs stable at 4GHz and max temps are 60 in some stress.


But the main quest we got here is if we can find what's going on and we finally can be able to run this cpu at max like 4.9GHz.


And it's sad that AMD just saying it's fine and designed to run in these temps. Cause some will wonder if it's truth or just an excuse.


I also updated my bios on my rog strix x570 e gaming to the latest version but it seems we need more updates or agesa updates.




When I change CPU core ratio to 36.00 the frequency is all the time on 3600, or OC Tuner on TPU I it's all the time on 4100. It didn't change anymore like in stock, where the frequency fluctuates between 500 and 4900Mhz.

I wonder if it can damage the CPU to have all the time the same frequency ?

Another question where can I turn the boost and PBO off ? I only find PBO choice.


(it's the first time I go in a Bios, but the temp is so horrible, I need to change it).




Hi friend. I don't think you can damage the cpu if it runs in the same and stable frequency permanently as much as its voltage is in a safe values. In the bios press F9 and type PBO and you will find options about it. Also after that type precision and you will find again options about it. There you will find the one you search to set it in Disable option. Also you can use the TPU setting TPU 1 to run CPU at 4GHz and not at 4100. I had the TPU 1 but now I changed to TPU 2 to see how it changes.

I just saw only 100MHz plus so it's not a big deal I guess. You can also enable the settings CPPC, CPPC Preferred Cores and Global C State. You can find them by using again the search by pressing F9. If you enable these settings your temps will go down enough but we are still trying here to figure out how we can use this strong cpu at its max capacity without high temps.

Until then, hope that helps for you. 



Thank you...

I change CPU core ratio to 36.00 the frequency is all the time on 3600 and I do everything you wrote. And it gave me almost 10 degrees less.


The max stated boost speed is exactly that.. a boost.

It should be hitting or close to it's stated peak but not across all cores sustained.

Then depending on MB and cpu performance settings the 570 & fairly sure 550 have features to increase the boost rate as well as increase the time it runs it. 

For some reason, definitely on Asus boards at least performance Enhancer is set to Auto which basically means on. Essentially it just trys to hold the boost rate until either heat, power draw limit etc. nears max limit then backs off, and up and down it goes..

Changing Performance Enhancer from Auto to Default will run the precision boost at true stock rates, brings most I've seen from hitting Near low 80s back to mid 60s - low 70c.

There are also options to set a lower thermal trigger point for the enhanced boost so it drops it back a earlier than the 80ish C it hits when in Auto...



Just tested on my system. The launcher keeps my temperature at ~ 55 Celsius. Closing the launcher results in a ~ 20 Celsius decrease.


The bottom line is that it shouldn’t do that.  The temps keep spiking. These are all band-aids for the real, yet I identified problem. 


Turning Performance Enhance from Auto to Disabled. Stops Percussion boost from running longer than normal. Basically until a peak limit  is hit. V, A, SOC T, CPU T..

Apparently AMD say it's normal & are totally fine at 75 - 85c.

For some reason (at least in Asus BIOS and I think most Gigabyte..¿ Also..? Auto really means Enabled, setting to Disabled will run Precision Boost at factory rates. 

Try it disabled and back on auto under full load and should be a 10 or so C drop during full load on all cores. Cinebench etc.


It's very strange. For me I loose 10°C in games but Cinebench is more hot +5°C !!!

Idle is a little more hot too.

So strange.


Hey guys... we have temperature problem in winter !!!

Imagine the same thing during summer !!!

I really start to regret having bought an AMD CPU for my new configuration... It's the more powerfull CPU but to make it work well you need to decrease his power... it's so ridiculous.



You stated you have a Noctua cooler, but gave no model.
No motherboard model also.

You also asked how to disable PBO, but never said if you managed to find the option in BIOS and if you disabled it.

Help us help you and eazy with the !
I am pretty sure no AMD employee ever comes to this forum.



Noctua nh-u14s, Asus Rog Strix X570E Gaming.

Yes I disable PBO.

Now I'm close Steam and GamePass at windows starts... -3°C in idle really.

Idle 43°C...

On internet 51°C...

In game between 63 and 77°C.

It's start to be good, but CPU is not use at his full power, I can see it on benchmark.

And curious thing in stock Cinebench was runing at 66°C (games around 75/80) and now Cinebench is at 70°C...

Everything is cooler but benchmark is hottest with change.



If in games your temperature rises more than with benchmarks, it is because of your GPU that is exhausting heat and dumping it onto your CPU cooler, VRM and RAM.

That is why an AIO is better. Put the AIO in front of the case to draw cool air. The exhaust on the top and rear of the case for better all-around temperatures.



Thank you but I really don't want a AIO.

I will wait BIOS update, hope BIOS update...

For the link, thank you... but I don't speak english... lol


Try to disable PBO then manually overclock your CPU, my 5900X runs hot as well on stocks settings. I'm getting around 88-90c on Cyberpunk (BeQuiet Dark Rock 4 cooler).  I've set CCX0 = 4.6ghz and CCX1 = 4.2 ghz @ 1.2V, now i have much stable system (no random restarts) and better temps. Now getting around 78-80c on Cyberpunk (no AC) running, (w/ AC) less 4-5c.


I realize that when you choice a frequency by using CPU core ratio to 36.00 for exemple... even if you let boost enable, the temps are stable, no more big peak when you open your brower... before I changed it, when my wallpaper changed, the CPU temp took 10°C, now it's really stable.

So frequency stays all the time at 3600 and temps are really stable... too high, because more than 50°C when you navigate on internet it's too high.

But it looks like better for me... and boost is enabled in the BIOS. But it looks like not enabled in using.

Now my temp on MSI Afterburner is almost "flat".





This is what should happen.

But I really can tell you that in stock when I first used this computer temps reached 66°C with Cinebench... and 80 in game (RDR2).

After changed... 70°C with Cinebench, and 65°C in games (RDR2)... with the same GPU stock (3090)

It's very strange !!!


Since I was writing from the start of this thread and it's been 3 weeks I have my new PC and trying different stuff, I want to say what I noticed about this high temps. It seems that the reason we get high temps in the stock settings, is the auto boost. And that's because when I see with monitoring software the voltage fluctuations when the CPU jumps from 3.4GHz to 4.6 or 4.9GHz, there I get high temps.

So in first hand I used the Ai Overclock Tuner to D.O.C.P. option that automatically sets my ram at its max speed of 3600MHz and the timings it needs. I also changed the RAM command rate from 2T to 1T.

Then I disabled PBO, CPB and enabled, CPPC, CPPC Preferred Cores, Global C State, as a friend here in the article mentioned before. But except that, I did some tests by changing the TPU setting from Keep Current Settings to TPU 1 and TPU 2. I now get the CPU frequency from 3.4GHz to 4.0GHz on TPU 1 and 4.1GHz on TPU 2 permanently and stable along with auto voltage setting always.

And now it seems the voltage is about 1.04v to 1.14v but also the temperatures in idle mode with Chrome running many tabs opened and some other light software, are about 39-40 degrees Celsius.

And keep in mind that I am waiting the liquid cooler to arrive and I am just using now the Air Cooler CoolerMaster 212 RGB Black Edition and total 9 CoolerMaster fans that I am using them at full speed permanently in my Asus Rog Strix X-570 E Gaming motherboard.

And because I also wait my new GPU to arrive and using and old GTX 970 G1 Gaming, I just play Dota 2 and Little Hope in ultra settings 1080p @ 144Hz and the max temperatures were 57-60 degrees. When I tried to stress CPU with CPU-Z, I reached 66-67 degrees.

So what I want to say now in the end is the following. And I would like to hear your thoughts about it guys. I am thinking to try this when I will get the liquid cooler in my hands.

If the CPU can reach with the stock settings and the voltage in Auto, a boost of 4.9GHz, what if we just set our CPU to 4.9GHz and then let the voltage in Auto? What if the Auto settings could provide a stable voltage value and the CPU can run at 4.9GHz in lower temps without crashing etc? I did this in my old PC with the FX 8320 running permanently at 4.5GHz for 10 years, but in this one I had to change manually the voltage as well as the Load Line Calibration to Medium. Because Auto never worked. But what if now it can work in Auto with the Ryzen 5950x?

And if it's not. I was thinking a plan B to run again a stress test with CPU-Z while having the settings in stock values and when the CPU will reach 4.9GHz I can check the voltage value it gets in the CPU-Z monitor values at that time and then use this value for the CPU manually in the bios.

I may also saying no sense stuff here who knows? But I am really trying to find a way every day that we can enjoy this beast CPU at its max capacity finally. And we are not getting lately any feed from AMD or another new bios / agesa updates from Asus.


@Ero_Sennin You have 9 fans on your cooler ??? It must be noisy ???



I have two on my Air Cooler and 7 on the case. 3 top, 3 front and 1 on the back. They sound, but their noise isn't like something that creaks and disturbing. At least to me. It's like you hear a strong air sound. I don't mind them because I am using them in full speed. I just want to change the air cooler to liquid cooling because this one I have isn't suggested for 5950x by CoolerMaster or AMD. I just tried this one first because I didn't want a very big cooler. But I better change it. So I chose the CoolerMaster ML360R RGB Liquid Cooling that is the one they suggest both of them CooleRMaster and AMD. This week I will have it installed I hope because it should be arrive.