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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 5950x idle-work temp

Good day. Lately upgraded pc and collided with a strange situation.

My config:
cpu - Ryzen 9 5950x
motherboard - Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS
cpu cooling - Master MasterAir MA624
gpu - gtx 2060 super
memory - Kingston 32gm 3200mhz

Main problem - in idle cpu temp is near 70 degrees. ( I`ve checked configs, connections e.t.c - all works fine). Sometimes it going to 45-47 degress. Even now I'm writing this post and see that temp jumping from 46 to 70. Most strange - when I'm clicking on free space of the screen - temperature increasing. When on browser - going lower. 

Whem I'm working with graphics, video - temperature is near that 70-75 degrees. When playing games it could be lesser then in idle. 
All system in default, nothing was overlocked.
What information I could give for better understanding where could be a problem (if it's not a normal situation for this cpu)?

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Since no one answer your Post I will give a try.

Does your CPU cooler come with one or two fans?  If it comes with 2 fans then make sure you have them installed in a Push-Pull configuration. Otherwise if both fans are positioned in a way that both blows inwards or outwards that will decrease the heat efficiency of the unit. Must be in a Push-Pull position to work correctly.

The 5950X has  a Maximum Operation Temperature of 90C with a CPU Cooler TDP Rating of 105 Watts. Your CPU Cooler is strong enough to able to keep your CPU below 80c easily.

As to your high idle temps you might have several background apps running which is causing the CPU to run hotter when at idle.

Or you have poor Air Circulation inside your Computer case. To check this remove the side panel and see if the Temps are lower. If they are that mean you have a Air Circulation problem inside your computer case.

When it starts to idle and  gets to 70c check to see if the CPU Fans are running at maximum and see what apps  are running at the time.

It really shouldn't reach 70c during idle unless the CPU Cooler is not correctly installed or it isn't working correctly or poor air circulation.

Excuse me for the delay with the answer. 
Cooler working with two fans that correctly connected to motherboard. 
About bg processes. Re-installed Windows for "clear start". So temp shouldn't depend on this factor. But anyway something was wrong with the drivers for sure. Now temp in idle is about 45-55 degrees. Seems it's the normal temp for this CPU. 

Checked under heavy tasks - seems a part of problem was connected to drivers confrontation. 

Sounds like they are giving you the right advice. Also the thermal job on your cpu cooler can cause high temps or the cooler isn't tight enough. I run a 5950x with dark rock 4 cooler with a corsair 7000d tower and mine idles at 31 degrees. I used noctua thermal compound and a lil less then a pea in the middle of the chip. Goodluck.