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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 5900x temperature spikes - normal?

Hi, I'm having temperature spikes all the time with my ryzen 9 5900x, going from the sub 40Cs to 70, 75C in a second or two, and then back to idle temps. That happens even if I open a couple youtube videos, or close their tabs.

Is this normal? This is specially annoying when you have an AIO cooler that is hard coded to ramp up their fans to 100% after reaching 60C, which happens all the time with those temp spikes.

My setup:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x
Cooler: EVGA CLC 280mm AIO
CPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair Hero VII (Wi-Fi) x470 (Latest BIOS)
PSU: EVGA Supernova 650 P2 (80 Plus Platinum)
SSD1: 1TB XPG SX8200 Pro NVMe (System drive)
SSD2: 480GB Kingston A1000 NVMe (Secondary drive)
HDD1: 1TB Western Digital Green Caviar
HDD2: 1TB Western Digital Green Caviar
Crucial 32GB DDR4-2400 (2x16GB)
Case: NZXT S340
OS: Windows 10 64bit

Here's a graph: first spike is when I was opening 3ds max, second spike opening a max file, third spike opening a couple youtube vids, fourth spike closing those vids.
temperature spikes

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Adept I

Hi - I have same problem - on AIO Alphacool Eisbear 360 , x570 Master Gigabyte motherboard

Have You resolve that problem ?

in Cinebench it even reach 97 C !!!!! and i stoped 

Ryzen have also strange peaks while idle periods - when it jumps from 45 to 65/80 with no reason



I have the same spikes with an Eisbaer Extreme. But as long temp isn't hitting 90°C and "normal" gaming temp is much lower everthing is ok. When you wanna test worst case use Anno 1800 with an big city and maxed out details. Instead of 60-65°C i hit 70-80°C there.

I have a similar philosophy concerning my Ryzen 3700x. As long as temps doesn't reach Maximum Operating Temperatures no matter what I do on the computer I don't worry about it.

My 3700x with PBO on "Auto' the temps on idle is constantly changing from low 40s C to high 50s C. Also depending on what my room temperature is. But under stress it doesn't go past 72C with the 3rd party cooler I have installed.

The point I am making is as long as the Temps doesn't go near the Max. Operating Temps for any processor I don't consider it a problem unless at idle it is very high.

I also notice that both times the spikes occurred during a power and load spike. Processor spikes are normal and the spikes won't go above it safety limits. But it will increase temps though.


Thank You for answer.

But still its not normal for me that processor without any reason gets 80*C. 

And as I said... during Cinebench R20 on multicore test temp reach 97*C and then I interrupt test.

Another thing is that - I couldn't find any test on Alphacool Eisbear 360 that reached higher temp than 75*C .

this is log from - watching YouTube

Adnotacja 2021-03-03 170339.png

IF somebody has idea what is going wrong with my processor please share suggestions. 

AMR Ryzen 9 5900  +  Alphacool Eisbear 360
Gskill 3600 4*8Gb CL 16
Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master
GeForce RTX 3060 Gigabyte Gaming
Samsung 970 Evo 500gb


Cinebench All Core (3 Runs, the spike is always before start)



What Temp do you hit under full load / 6 Core Load? 97°C Full Load?
Maybe remount you Cooler would be a try, seems a little very high. Whats your max Package Power logged?


Thank You for Your data -

i agree - 97C is much to high. It was multicore test - Which i interrupt becouse i was worried about CPU health.

all in all i thank that these peeks are Not normal. 

I left my computer to local service- to check the everything. I will share info when i will received feedback. 

best regards

They can't fix it. It's something to do with the latest AGESA and the microcode calling for this extra voltage which equates to heat. I found that on 2 different boards with the same X570 chipset but both using the BIOS with AGESA, have massive voltage/heat spikes and it affects peak boost, some other things too. 

AMD has a new AGESA coming this month, maybe even now, I have to look on my motherboard's site, that hopefully will address this problem. The voltage curve is way too aggressive and the boost algorithm is off too on both my 5600X and 3600X systems. One runs an AsRock the other an ASUS board. Common factor is the BIOS version. 

If not, we all need to complain to AMD support directly and hopefully get a rapid fix for this. 

"It worked before you broke it!"

Define "voltage spike" please. It's quite normal that there are high spikes at single core / low load up to 1.5V.
Just to exclude something... whats your single/all core max clock and Package Power? Is it possible that PBO is enabled on your board?

Journeyman III

I had the same issue after upgrading my system from a 3700X to a 5900X. 

It would reach 80C on startup and the voltage/frequency and temperature of the CPU would fluctuate wildly and cause my fans to spin up and down annoyingly. It even introduced instability as just loading a project in Davinci Resolve without touching anything would cause the temperature to spool up and the computer to suddenly shut down.

I thought I had improperly installed my Cuma 2 CPU Cooler but it was caused by PBO. I turned off PBO and went into ASUS'  AI Suite 3 and performed an automatic overclocking. It tuned my CPU to 4200 MHz and 1.088V and everything has gone back to normal, with steady temperatures in the 45 to 60C when not doing anything heavy, and no peaks above 75C since, even when running benchmarks.