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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 5900x - system stable only without PBO and CPB


I literally installed my brand new 5900x hours ago.

Everything seemed fine until I started crashing and getting BSODs (no minidumps).

I googled far and wide and found a solution that disabling PBO and CPB might help - and it did. However, my CPU is now obviously underperforming since it's running always at stock 3.7gHz clock.

I would like to know whether the CPU I got is just "bad", or are there any other measures I can take to ensure that it's not the CPU that's at fault.


I will provide any information required to receive support; just ask away!

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Adept III

3.7ghz is just the base clock speeds, it boost beyond this. For me PBO was a huge learning curve, many different suggestions say stick PBO power limits to max, and set the PBO to -30 but not all chips are equal and is a lottery. Requires alot of testing and some good tools like "CoreCycler", I found that to high of power limits will degrade performance, and EDC should be left at 140 on current bios. Per core curve optimzer is the method I use and gains me the best results. Only reason it would be above stock speeds is if you use a manual overclock at around 4.5gHZ (stable) which would not be using PBO to achieve anyway. These chips run fairly well with PBO disabled and most bios settings on AUTO, which also doesn't void the warranty.

Ryzen 5900X PBO/OC, Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite F37 bios, Arctic Freezer II 420 AIO, Fans: 3x140mm 2x120mm, 24 GB G.Skill DDR4-3600 18-20-20-40 1T, CM MWE V2 1050w, Gigabyte G32QC A 1440p, PowerColor RedDevil RX 6950XT OC.