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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 5900x running hot

Hello everybody, 

I build a pc quite a while ago and I been noticing my CPU cooler ramping up pretty hard/loudly while not doing much, even tho I have a pretty big case with front and top mesh panels, 2 front fans, 1 back fan and a pretty beefy noctua CPU cooler.

According to Ryzen master and msi afterburner my hangs around: 39c at idle (it seems aorus system information viewer shows it a bit hotter at 45C), but often its seems to spike when doing light stuff like chrome.

when it spikes it spikes up to 63C which at that point my fan curve makes my cooler run at 100%, should I change my fan curve or is there something wrong with my CPU? 

On reddit a few people suggested I either mounted my CPU cooler wrong or my thermal paste was applied wrong, but I feel like I did it right when I build it and before go through all the effort to re do all that I wanted to ask on this forum.


My build: 

Case: corsair carbide air 540

Motherboard: B550 aorus pro V2

Cpu: ryzen 9 5900x 

Cpu cooler: noctua nh-d15

Gpu: Rtx 3080Ti

Power supply: corsair rm850

2 Replies

Your Ryzen 5900x Maximum Operating Temperature is 90c. So if it doesn't go above, let say 85c under very heavy loads for long periods of time, than your CPU Cooler is doing its job and maintaining your processor from overheating.

Once your processor temperature starts or reaches 90c, the processor will automatically start to throttle or slow down to maintain the temperature at 90c or below.

Temperature spikes are normal and the processor will shut down if the temperature or voltages goes past its engineered specs to prevent damage.

You might want to maybe configure Radeon Settings - Tuning your Fan profile to what ever temperature you want the fan to start spinning at maximum rate.  In another words, configure a Fan Profile using Radeon Settings - Tuning feature.

NOTE: Your Processor is rated at a TDP of 105 Watts so your Noctua CPU Cooler should be good enough for that processor.


Adept II

Change your fan curve. Have it slowly start ramping @ around 70c and maxed at 80 to 85c