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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 5900X Highter than 1.5 voltage

Hello guys,

I am really worried about my Cpu voltages.

At idle it peaks at 1.55 maximum voltage (not at these screens, but i have seen this).

Is this normal? i know that Robert from AMD, has said that the safe voltage is up to 1.5.

5900X / ASUS X570 Dark Hero with latest bios / Windows 11 with latest updates and chipset drivers installed / All stock expect the XMP profile.


3 Replies

What does Ryzen Master show?

Ryzen Master shows the average voltage. 

My case is the maximum voltage.. The peak at 1,525V.


First the processor is designed to never go beyond it engineered safe voltage levels unless you manually Overclocked the processor or manually changed the voltages yourself.  So I wouldn't worry about it unless you Overclocked or messed with the processor's voltage parameters.

PBO is Overclocking but within the Processor's designed engineered safety limits. But it will still void your Warranty but it is safer than manually overclocking in which you might damage the processor with a bad overclocking.

The processor can have some high instant spikes but it is a very short time and within its safety limits and normal. But if the Processor is running at 1.5 and above all the time then you need to troubleshoot.

If Ryzen Master is showing everything fine and there are no Yellow or Red icons then you are okay. Remember that even though your computer is at idle, you may have several background programs running which might cause what you are observing.