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ryzen 9 3900x games crashed and return to desktop without a message why ??

Hello!!  I am owner of an amd ryzen 3900x and an asus crosshair hero wifi mainboard (x570) can you give me a hint or tell me why games just hang up and return to the desktop without error message? Incident at Battlefield V, The Division 2 Monster Hunter World had no single case. How can that be? OC manually not operated only let the board decide or let configure manually. But already reset and without oc tried both ram and cpu. once also get a blue screen with the error system thread exception not handled error cause dxgmms2.sys. I have no more information and hope you have an idea what it could be. Is it due to any driver ?? graphics driver, I've already tried an older driver suntergeschmissen nvme of samsung, as this probably also had isolated problems. but everything did not help. windows I have already repaired by the cmd diagnostic tools once looked for viruses. Cinebench runs strangely through several passes. windowas I have only with the new mainboard and cpu re-loaded to avoid driver problems. the driver for chipset, etc. I have pulled from the asus homepage and installed.
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