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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 3900X Fatal error crashing

Hey guys,

So 5 months ago i got my new PC.
from the beginning it had a few issues with the GPU where the PC was shutting down unexpectedly (wasnt even able to install windows).
gave it to a tech store and they said the GPU was faulty and Newegg replaced it for me and everything was working fine(ish) where i only got a rare random shutdown every once in a while...

then out of nowhere the PC started shutting down repeatedly giving me black screens while being stuck in bootloop.
i did manage to boot into windows eventually, and found this in Event viewer - 

A fatal error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error
Processor APIC ID: 0

- booted into Safe mode and still crashing
- tried updating BIOS and clearing CMOS.
- reinstalled every driver available for both the CPU and the GPU.
- i did manage to run memtest with 0 errors
- and i was somehow able to run Heaven benchmark without crashing the entire time but it crashed shortly after (CPU got to 80 degrees max so not overheating).
- no OC was applied since i was saving to buy a better cooler (used the stock one)
- cannot format windows because its crashing in the installation

i tried submitting an RMA with AMD global support, but its been a week now and no response...

does anyone know if theres something i can do?
the CPU is only 5 months old which is brand new, please help Smiley Sad

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Adept III

This is a common problem right now.  Solutions have been wide ranging from tweaking CPU and RAM setting in bios, to replacing the CPU or replacing the GPU.  Many people, including me have seen better stability after updating the chipset driver and bios version. My theory is that all these chips are heavily overclocked out of the box and so you actually have to win the silicon lottery just to get a long term stable chip.  I wish AMD would address the issue more directly given the number of these threads.

I have been trying to solve this same problem for months, and I suspect I may have even read through some threads in many different places with the solution that would work for me; since it sounds like different solutions are working for different people, somehow. The trouble I'm having is that most of this is gibberish to me. Though I did spend a lot on a custom build, I just took someone else's word on what I should get, and let him put it together. I work in material science, not computer science. 

Does anyone know if this problem has been solved anywhere else with a more comprehensive walkthrough of the different possible solutions?

I can't even tell if the problem I'm having is the same one that many of these threads were about. This one just sounds the most comparable, and with the same hardware.