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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 datasheet

I am looking for ryzen 7 family datasheet similar to Intel's

But I could not find any info on official AMD site. Since we are planning to develop our own OS, there a lot of crusial information in datasheet for us.

Where I can Ryzen datasheets?

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I would open an AMD EMAIL SUPPORT Ticket and see if they will direct you to where you can download the information you need. You can open a ticket from here : Email Form .

Big Boss

ryzen_master, try here.  I would also pursue eclataci's suggestion.  When I tried to get some documents some months ago I was told they were still under NDA.  You may have to enter one with AMD.  Good luck and enjoy, John.

Public information could be found here:

and here:

There is no public BKDG for family 17h like it was for previous generations.

You may try get access to full info by signing NDA. But good luck with that