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Ryzen 7 7800X3D

Hello, i just assembled my new gaming pc using Ryzne 7 7800X3D and Corsair h100i 240 capellix XT, i still don't have graphic card so I am using integreted and my temperatures of my processor goes around 50 when in IDLE, can i please get answers is this normal or what could possible happens so my new processor temperatures are like this if it is not normal?


Thank you

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I would make sure you have the pump running at 80% or more. They are designed and tested to run @ 100% for their lifetime. Make sure fans are setup the same way so you are pushing the air through that radiator. If that is all good try reseating the block on the CPU. Make sure you took of the plastic off the block before installing. Just use an "X" pattern for thermal paste. Unless it is 80F in your house you should be idling around 35C and maxing out under full load 75-80C. 7800x3d runs hot but the AIO's are plenty to keep them cool.

All checked, everything is set up good, my AIO came with Corsair paste pre-applied, under full load while i was doing stress test temperature was 77-78C, now while IDLE is 38-41

Perfect! Once you get a VC, you will probably see some more gains. Enjoy!


I agree with @eebiii the 7800X3D typically idles in the mid-30°C's. Check the mounting and thermal paste print to ensure it's making good contact. Also make sure it's connected to the CPU motherboard fan header and the fan curve is ramping up pump and fan speeds as temperature increases.

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I connected it to AIO Pump header as instructed in manual, should that be a problem?



Most motherboards have a CPU header as well as a CPU_OPT secondary header to use for the CPU cooler as many now come with either dual fans or separate pump and fan connectors.

These motherboard headers can be configured with either manufacturer presets (normal, silent, full, etc.) or use custom user-defined curves to adjust how the cooler (pump and/or fans) respond to increase in temperature.

However yours are connected, make sure that both pump and fans are ramping up speed in relation to CPU temperature, as again, 50°C is not a normal idle temperature.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT
Big Boss

Trefko, please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) running Cinebench R24 Multicore. Please only images of RM.

Adept II

50 in idle doesn't sound normal.


Something @FunkZ seems to suggest (not entirely sure though) and which I personally agree with is to check the fan curve. It might be that your fan profile is set to silent or something like that, only engaging the fans in more active mode at later, hotter, stages.


And with the 7800X3D that might cause an higher than expected increased temperature load before the fans engage.


What's also possible (but I really hope you thought about it beforehand) is that you don't have enough inflow to cool the CPU and properly push away the CPU temperature outflow.


Last (but which shouldn't really be the case on idle) is the 'integrated' graphics causing an increased load and hence temp on the CPU because there's no dedicated graphic card and part of the normal GPU calculations being deviated towards the CPU. However, that normally shouldn't be an issue on idle.

Adept I

Thank you all for the help.