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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 7700x 95C spikes

Hi, so I recently built basically a new system, the only thing not new is my psu and my case (case is about 2 months old so basically new) and I went with a Ryzen 7 7700x for future proofing myself and because I do some VM type stuff. I noticed that when I game on it, it will spike to 95C during certain loading, and I've seen the CCD#0 temp hit a max of 97.8C, not sustained but it kind of spooks me. Is this normal? Is my cooler not making proper contact with the chip? Anything to easy my mind would be helpful, as I also had a BSOD with a IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL not that long ago, around 1 hour from time of writing.


Asus TUF Gaming x670E Plus Wifi

Ryzen 7 7700x

Dark Rock Pro 4

G.Skill Flare x5 6000mhz (set to EXPO 1 profile now)

PNY Revel RTX 3070

500gb 980 pro (plugged into PCIE Gen 5 slot

2x 2tb 980 pro (plugged into 2x pcie gen 4 slot below gpu)

Corsair rm850x 80+ gold

2x 1tb 2.5 pny ssd

I only have 1 8pin eps connected to my headers as the powersupply I have never came with 2 cpu pin cables (bought some time ago around 2018)


I also have a TP Link Wifi 6 Adapter plugged into the second PCIx16 lane as it was the only spot it would fit, and I read that that was okay to do since its just providing wifi. (the 80mhz built in adapter is nice but just a tad slow for me currently, and i am forced to use wifi in my current situation, the board was also part of combo with the Ryzen 7 7700x)

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Journeyman III

I forgot to mention that before the BSOD, I had set the ram to 6000mhz manually, and not through the profile, without setting any voltages or timings. After the bsod, I went in and set the ram to be the EXPO 1 profile, and i noticed it adjusted some voltages and timings when I saved and exited.


three things here, first, the 7000 series chips are designed to work right up to the thermal limit of 95c and stay there. second, the dark rock pro 4 isnt exactly a top tier cooler anymore, its fans are of an outdated design that are outclassed by newer more optimized fans. if its still in its return window, if it isnt too much hassle for you, exchanging it for a thermalright peerless assassin, or deepcool ak620 or even a noctua nhd15 would probably give you better thermal performance. thirdly, seeing that your power supply doesnt have a second 8 pin eps could indicate it isnt powerful enough? what is the wattage of the power supply?

edit: just reread the post and saw the power supply lol. pictures online seem to show it coming with two eps cables, is it possible it wasnt included in the box? maybe you can contact corsair about getting a replacement. their customer service is top notch

lets talk about rtbh99

I will take your suggestion and buy the ak620 as the darkrock pro 4 is returnable all the way until march 8 on amazon. Thank you for your suggestion and I will see if thermals get better with it installed. Also, I bought this powersupply in 2018, and I have checked the bag and the box it came in and have only found 1 8 pin eps. I will contact corsair, thank you for the information


You can lower your CPU temp also by enabling voltage curve under Precision Boost, set it to negative, then give a value. Theoretically it has 30 steps downwards, but your CPU will become unstable at some point when you go too low. Negative 10 is quite easily achievable.

Big Boss

Vasilevov, I suspect your temperatures. Please post screenshots of Ryzen Master (RM) both Basic and Advanced views running Cinebench R23. Please stay out of BIOS and return all settings to default. Thanks and enjoy, John.


All core testAll core testSingle core testSingle core testIdleIdleHere are the photos you wanted. In the all core test, it ramped to 95C and stayed there the entire time.

In the single ore test, it spiked to around 85, then settled in at 68-71C.

And when idling with nothing open except Ryzen Master, it idles anywhere between 48-54C. This is with the dark rock pro 4, and the thermal paste that comes with it.
Edit: This test was done with an ambient temp of 23C


Thanks, Vasilevov. Looks pretty good except for the idling temperature which seems a little high. What cooler are you using? Are you sure it is tight against the processor. The thermal paste is not really that important if it is applied properly. One of the cores is running over 1000 MHz, so you are not really idling, something is running. RM says my all cores are asleep or less than 500 MHz when I idle. You also need to get power to both your CPU 8-pin connectors. Check here for a suitable adapter. Thanks for the ambient temperature. Thanks and enjoy, John.


The cooler I am using is the Dark Rock Pro 4 from be quiet!. I tightened it down until there was no gap between the metal crossbar and the standoff on the motherboard. As for the connector, I've been told its not very safe to mix and match connectors from different brands, and I can't seem to find an 8 pin eps from corsair thats not sold as part of an 80-110$ bundle. I may have to order just a new psu entirely that does contain the proper amount of connectors. I do believe that the time, I may have had Firefox open, which may be what is causing the core to run over 1000 MHz, I apologize for any confusion.


Thanks, Vasilevov. Be Quiet says it is good for 250 Watts. You could try plugging the fans into 12 Volts from the PSU. Thanks and enjoy, John.


Currently the fans are plugged directly into CPU_FAN and FAN_OPT( which is Chassis Fan 1), without a splitter. I also am ashamed to say that I actually did find the other 8 pin eps cable, it had fallen out of the cable bag and behind a couple boxes. So now the board has both 8 pin eps cables plugged in.


Thanks, Vasilevov. Glad you found your cable. I have made fan cables that break out the tachometer and that is all I plug into the board. I suspect your MB has some sort of fan control. Please go into BIOS and set the output for these two fans to full speed 100% of the time. Thanks and enjoy, John.