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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 5900x not posting

I just got my new Ryzen 9 5900X as an upgrade for my current Ryzen 5 3600. I swapped them out yesterday and on the first start up I got a screen metioning a new cpu was installed and if I'd like to reset TPM. I said NO, after that my screen went to gray. I waited arround 10 minutes, but nothing changed. So I turned off my computer and booted it up again. Now I wont get any activity from my monitor and my keyboard LED's also stay off. I'm wondering if its just dead or hopefully I can fix it. I do get a white light on my motherboard that would indicate VGA error. However I dont get any error codes.

Troubleshooting tried:

  • - I tried removing every storage device exept NVME boot drive. 
  • - I update the Bios to the newest version. 
  • - I removed all cables except power and DisplayPort
  • - I've tried it with 1 stick of RAM (tried it in all slots). Also tried a different setof RAM.
  • - I've tried moving the GPU to another PCI-e slot. 
  • - I've tried clearing the CMOS both by using the jumper and removing the CMOS battery.
  • - I've reseated the cpu and checked it, but there arent any bent or missing pins.

In the end I just reinserted my ryzen 3600 again and everything works fine again. So I'm a little bit lost. 


PC specs: 

  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 ----> Ryzen 9 5900X
  • GPU: Gigabyte RX 6700XT 
  • RAM: 32GB Crucial 3600Mhz cl16 (BL2K8G36C16U4W)
  • RAM 2nd testing set: 16GB Corsair 3000Mhz cl15 (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15)
  • Motherboard: ASUS B550 Gaming E
  • PSU: Seasonic Focus GX-650
  • SSD: Corsair Force MP510 960GB



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That image of BIOS that you posted is not a Asus BIOS for your motherboard that is showing - F33 - 05/21/2021

Your Motherboard BIOS versions are 4 digit numbers for the Asus B550 Gaming-E:

For the motherboard to recognize and boot from the Ryzen 9 5900X you need the minimum BIOS version 1004 or newer installed. The latest Asus BIOS is version 2424 - 08/26/2021

According to your Asus QVL List for RAM Memory for the 5000 series processor the Corsair 3000Mhz cl15 (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) was listed on the list as being compatible. So I would use that set of RAM Memory for testing your computer.

Screenshot 2021-09-29 123756.png

Also if the VGA Light (White Trouble LED Light) is on that means the R9-5900X processor passed the BIOS Test but something concerning the GPU card failed.

When I upgraded my PC to a Ryzen I had a similar experience. No Video output to my 4K Monitor and the White VGA LED light was on. Finally I found out I had video output to my 2k Samsung TV set and when I set BIOS to CSM Mode (Legacy) I then had video output to my 4k Monitor and the VGA White LED light went off.

Seems like Asus motherboard works best with CSM Mode enabled in BIOS. Just a thought.