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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 5800x high temperature

Hello guys,

It's been a week since I bought the ryzen 7 7800x, and I noticed that its temperature when it reaches 4.8 GHZ reaches 90 degrees celsius. I currently use a 360mm rise mode water cooler.

To soften the temperature, I went to research and I'm using AMD's ryzen master software, to lower the processor frequency and thus have a temperature around 60 degrees celsius.

I would like to know if this behavior of the processor is normal or if I can do something to improve this temperature.

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I don't know if they still make them but a custom DIY fluid cooling solutions company I think was called NXT made cooling blocks with large passive radiators or radiator fan combos though I don't know if it would be compatible with your fluid cooling setup.

You could try Delta PC Corp. case fans. They have extremely high airflow rates. The 60mm can push up to 50 to 70 CFM 90mm can push up to 90 to 120 CFM and 120mm can push from 110 to 240 CFM. I run these fans on my builds (usually around 50% for noise reduction) but just 3 to 6 of these fans is all you need for good ventilation. There cost is high though ranging from $30 to $70 per most fans but they have a lifetime warranty. I've been running the same case fans since 08 and they still run beautifully. 

Check your CPU Cooler AIO Rise Mode Frost 360 MM that it is installed and working correctly and good contact with the processor.

Screw the HTML ERROR messages. Now I can't edit any previous replies.

Your AIO CPU Cooler is rated at 250 Watt TDP which is way above your processor's TDP ratings of 105 Watts.

So your AIO should keep cool your processor under any loads.


There was another member with a similar cooling performance issue with their fluid cooling unit.

Turns out a several of the radiator fans were bent or manufactured poorly and the cooling fans were not putting out anywhere near enough airflow.

Apparently the user found out from the PC builder that the fans were not performing to the specs that the manufacturer claimed.

It would be a matter worth looking into.

Yes, my water cooler is 250 watts:

Looking into this subject, I see that 90 degrees of temperature is normal for this AMD 5000 family. Does this proceed?

The maximum operating temperature for your processor is 90c. The processor starts to throttle or slow down when it reaches and passes 90c.

Your processor shouldn't reach 90c with your AIO Liquid CPU Cooler. Something is making your processor run at almost to the point overheating.

Open a Support ticket with your CPU Cooler manufacturer and see how you can check your installation or possibly RMA the cooler.

Even though running your processor at 90c is within its temperature operating range it is best to try and keep the temperature, at least, at or below 80c if possible.


Mine on stock settings,Corsair H150i with 3 LL120 fans at 1200 rpm running cinebench.max temp 70'c.Corsair 5000D case.




In general, everything depends on the load on the processor + from the motherboard (in any stress test, even the banal aida 64, the processor will be kachigar at full, but not in one game it will not warm up like that, since other instructions are involved there, and the layouts are much easier (in games), I have an i9 9900k motherboard by default, it overstates the voltage on it, even with a minimum load of up to 1.5v, and this is critically high, manually set the optimal voltage in the BIOS (1.270v), after reading the forums, and is cooled by a regular noctua 14s cooler, like if memory does not change, amd has a self-overclocking function, I don't remember the name, it can overclock the processor and go beyond the tdp of the processor, but again there is also protection against overheating, check if the pressure on the processor is good, and touch the pump with your hand, there should not be much vibration, in fact, a consumer processor (not Threadripper and not xeon) can be cooled with a good cooler, well and skilful hands. If your processor is so heated in ordinary games, then you need to look for the reason, if in stress tests or video editing, then I think this is normal (but you can also mess with the voltage, read the forums, find out the minimum voltage for the maximum frequency of 4.8ghz for your processor and try to set it. you can just slightly lower the maximum voltage threshold, for example, you have: 1.4 at a frequency of 4.8 for all cores, you can somehow set -0.10v, to be honest I don't really fumble in this, so read the forums, I know that you can leave the value static or reduce the dynamic frequency by:(for some kind of velechin) and there is some other way.