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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 5700g vs Ram

Recently i Just bought and assembled my first gaming PC but i am having a problem sometimes when gaming randomly the game freezes (at random time could be 5 Min in game could be 7 hours into the game) for a couple of seconds and then leads to a black screen and i have to either use task manager and kill the process or Just reboot the PC in some cases Now i have done some testing and the PC does not crash Only the game crashes due to the fact that i can still Hear audio and use task manager or reboot the drivers the cpu neither the integrated graphics neither i have tested using funmark's stresser at full load and same with CPU It didn't bring any problem the Only suspect Is the RAM Witch has not been tested by MSI so It could be not compatibile at 100% the question is could be realy The RAM fault? (Drivers and ecc cheked and ok) Only the BIOS isnt updated because Was already compatibile with the 5000 Series 


Full build:

Ryzen 7 5700g

MSI b550 gaming plus (Motherboard)

Crucial ballistix DDR4 3600 MHz x2 8GB

Artic freezer esports duo (cooling)

Evga 750 Gq (PSU) (80+Gold)

Sabrent Rocket SSD 1tb

Fractal design meshify compact 2 (case)

Cooler master sickflow X3 ARGB fans

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Adept III

Disable all overclocks, if you have any.

Try not to use xmp or docp profile for RAM. RAM should be stable at stock settings.

If it is stable after that, try to increase Ram voltage, mine did stabilise at 1.40v. (with docp).


New ram sticks worked straight with docp.


Edit: Ram is not on the qvl list.