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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 3800x overheating

Hello. I have owned a 3800x for quite some time now and recently had to have it taken into a shop because of mobo problems, it all started with my 3800x getting waaaaay too hot doing absolutly nothing... I installed ryzen master just to monitor it and for some reason without it open it ramps up like crazy(no overclock is set it is just to monitor). Anyways after I brought it in for a repair they said the mobo was gone on it... okay yeah well it was basically bricked at that point... but after a new mobo was installed it seems to still be doing similar thing... without master open it ramps up in temps like CRAZY. I have adjusted the power plans and updated everything it still seems like it wants to just get stupid hot unless I open something to monitor it... I really can't afford to have this processor rip through another mobo and I really don't understand what is happening...

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Volunteer Moderator

I would make sure that all the BIOS settings are set to 'auto' with regards to the CPU.  To have it start getting way too hot suggests that some voltages might not be set properly or it could even be a faulty PSU.  Do you have another PSU you can try for a few days to see it that stops the heating problem?  A bad PSU can keep hurting motherboards until you replace it with a good one.  

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With no hardware Make & Models posted except you are using a AMD Processor, by just your description and nothing else it sounds like your CPU Cooler is not working correctly or it isn't installed correctly.

When a processor overheats as soon a load is detected generally indicates a CPU Cooler issue.

There's an issue with Adrenalin GPU drivers that overclocks Ryzen CPUs. Try Radeon Software Adrenalin ver. 21.9.1