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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 3750h temp issues?

hello everyone,

i am hoping you could help with an difficulty. i latterly swapped my asus fx505dd with the fx505du ryzen 7 3750 and 1660 ti gpu. motive become that to begin with i used to be getting 93-ninety five temp readings in center temp whilst i used to be palyin overwatch on low settings ( with the charger join )! i take into account that even on low settings game can get eating on the cpu. asus guide at once known as it an issue and advised restore or replacement ( ignoring my remark that this best takes place while charger is attached )

that become the reason in the back of me swapping it for the fx505du which ( not surprinsingly ) behaved the exact same way ( don't get me incorrect the laptop is superb, love the built perforamnce and first-class ) but nonetheless whilst the charger is connected on low settings in ow particularly i am getting excessive temps ( whilst no longer affecting the game overall performance in any way ) i tried both balanced and faster mode in armory and performed with electricity management option ( which does no longer change a good deal ) . asus assist once more known as it faulty and went as a ways as saying maybe the complete batch offered by using the retailer is faulty... ? which become a chunk intense and confirmed loss of interest in locating different answers...

i do understand this cpu can take in to a hundred and five deegres before it clocks out however i don't want to danger long time harm, as i have been reading in different posts. i remember that there are community built software program apps that could play with the cpu, ryzen controller if i'm correct.

my questions is : is this an difficulty as a result of the charging strength that is going to the cpu and is undervolting gonna restore this or at the least tweaking it via the earlier than mentioned software, or is that this an inherent fault that could purpose long time damage ? ( i am attempting to find a solution as i truly dont need to trust there may be a batch fault with the tuf collection... )

thanks in advance for your assist!

wish i will discover a solution for this as i sincerely like this computer


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