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Ryzen 7 3700x super high temps under iddle 55-60ºC. load/stress tests 95ºC

High everyone, I've built my first pc and noticed the temps are super high, I'm kind of desperate at the moment and was hoping someone could help me out with this.


Processor: Ryzen 7 3700x

Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix B550-F

Cooler: Stock Wraith Prism

Thermal compound: Arctic MX-4

Power Management Plan: AMD Ryzen Balanced

Right now, without even doing any stressfull task (Only Chrome and writing this down), I'm getting between 55 - 75ºC with no activity so ever.  I have reapplied the thermal compound but no changes so far. Also tried to do some undervolting through some guides I found out there and even though the temps varies, they dont vary that much, still around 50-60 at idle and cpu package 95ºC at load with stress tests), and I still ain't sure that'd be a proper fix.

Tried a trick I found around to set the MAX Proccessor speed to 99% instead of 100 and the heat lowers a bit (Not enough I think) but I don't know if there is another fix I could get without this kind of tricks.

I'm doing stress tests with OCCT, taking into account temps from OCCT itself, Ryzen Master and HWInfo64. They seem to vary but kind of the same.

Before test:


During test:


After test:



Should I return this unit and get a replacement?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Journeyman III

Hi, JuanCG28

For Power Management Plan: AMD Ryzen Balanced, I am using minimum processor state: 80% and max processor state 99%.

I just ran OCCT and did a 5 min stress test with all clocks hitting 3525Mhz (CPU showing 100%). Max temp was 67C.

If I increase the fan speed from Omen gaming hub to turbo then I am getting little lesser.

But from your picture it seems that during test the CPU speeds are low and I feel somehow you mistakenly uploaded same pictures three times.

Also I want to know the peak voltage that you see.




Yeah I mistakenly uploaded the same pictures, sorry about that, already fixed them and uploaded the correct ones.  When limitting the power plan to 99% I get a top 83ºC after a few minutes. Thanks!


When you are running the stress test in OCCT, what voltages do you see for the cores ?


I'm getting a max voltage of 1.43 according to OCCT. Peak would be the max one? Sorry about my ignorance on this



Yeah, it seems similar to my voltages.

Could you take a screenshot of your Ryzen master while running OCCT and show the voltage control ?

There is a peak core(s) voltage.


Hello @subhajit0606 , sorry about the delay, had a lot of work. The voltage controls shows the following after 2~ mins of test:



I also have a 3700X processor in which I installed a Cooler Master Hyper212 EVO with two fans (1950 RPM Max all the time) and when I ran OCCT CPU test with Small Packets it would overheat within a few seconds and OCCT will stop the test since I have the MAX Temp set for 96C.

But when I ran OCCT CPU Test with medium or Large packets it got hot but never went over 75C during the test.

I then replaced the Pull fan on the Hyper212 and installed a 200CFM fan. That did the trick in that I can run OCCT CPU Test with Small Packets and the hottest the CPU will get is 70C.

I also have in Windows Power Plan the CPU Minimum set at 5% and Maximum at 100%.  If the you have the minimum set at 85% that means the CPU will be running hot all the time since the minimum will be 85%.

Make sure the Wraith Prism is making good contact and is even on the CPU surface. Also make sure the Prism Lever is properly set when you lowered it and it made a Clicking sound to indicate it is locked in place. 

I believe the Prism has a High/Low Fan switch on the side of the CPU Cooler.  Make sure it is on High to get the maximum cooling from the Prism.

NOTE: According to OCCT CPU Test using Small Packet set is the best way to stress test a AMD processor. You have it set on Large Packet set which in my case passed the CPU Test but not when I had the Small Packet set.

I believe your issue is either the CPU Cooler is not properly installed and making a tight even contact with the CPU plus Windows Power plan you have the minimum CPU set to high.

Hello @elstaci , I double checked the fan and it was well attached to the CPU, however it was certainly in LOW mode, I switched it to HIGH and I'm getting a bit better max temps, in a more scalable way (it used to go up to 95ºC almost instantly), a lot noiser though but better max temps in that sense, and the voltage I'm seeing in Ryzen Master looks more like what I should have seen before @subhajit0606


Your processor still is overheating.

The Maximum Operating temperature of your processor is 95C. Once it starts reaching or has surpassed that 95C mark it starts to throttle or slow down the speed of the processor. Otherwise if it can't stop the temperature from rising it will automatically shut down your computer to protect your processor from damage.

In BIOS disable PBO if you have it set on Enable or Auto and see if that helps keep the temps lower.

Also remove the side panel on your computer case and see if the Temperature lowers. If it does then that indicates poor air circulation inside your computer case. If it doesn't then you have an issue with your CPU Cooler either being defective or not installed correctly.

In could also be a bad CPU Thermal Sensor or Motherboard Sensor.

In Ryzen Master at the top where is shows everything in RED means your need to change some BIOS or Power Plan settings to get them back into the green or yellow range. In the past changing Power Plan settings affected those indicators at the top of Ryzen Master.

By the way, did you remove the clear plastic protective covering on the Wraith Prism Heatsink before installing it?

Setting the max processor at 99% on the Ryzen Balanced Power Plan did the trick,getting 40 - 42ºC for Core CPU according to HWINFO64 and OCCT and 52~ according to Ryzen Master at iddle and around 70ºC Core CPU according to HWINFO64 and OCCT and 78~ according to Ryzen Master at full load. I didnt have to disable PBO. Anyway, is this normal or should I get a replacement? I ain't sure since it seems a bit odd to me to buy a 300€~ processor and not being able to use it at it's normal and stock speeds due to overheating.

I tried with my side panel off and the temps did went down a bit, not that much either though, around 2-3 degrees. It's winter where I live and the room temps are around 16 - 20ºC, kind of worried for when we reach Summer temps, quite hot here with 28ºC~

I'm planning to buy a Noctua U12S in a near future, would this allow me to use it at least with stock profiles and speed?

Thanks a lot to all of you for your help!

You should  get much better temperature control with the Noctua that you are thinking of purchasing.

Here is Noctua CPU Compatibility for the Rzyen 7  3700X:

Screenshot 2020-12-09 170735.png

According to Noctua symbols, the RPM gauge indicates that this CPU Cooler has a lot of headroom in case you want to Overclock the CPU in the future.

Noctua are generally more expensive than other brands but they offer a 6 year Warranty of their CPU Coolers. Plus  you can always  add  a second CPU fan in a Push/Pull configuration in the future.

Screenshot 2020-12-09 194222.png

But the temperatures you are now showing with the wraith are pretty good. As long as the temps stays below 90C under heavy loads or stress you should have no problems of Overheating. Those Temperatures are all within the CPU Temperature specs.

NOTE: One thing though if your Room temperature is in the mid to high 80's F or above the CPU will run hotter or even start to overheat due to the fact that hot air is entering the computer case.

A hot room will negate the efficiency of any CPU Cooler you have installed.


There are 2 issues for your case:

1. There seems to be something wrong with the cooling of your CPU or system. It should not reach temps that high.
For me, with the Wraith Prism and 3 system fans, the top temp was 76C.

So you might want to check if the CPU cooler is properly placed and thermal paste is correctly applied and also check the case airflow.

2. The CPU should not be generating so much heat in idle and small tasks
This is a general Ryzen 3000 issue and it seems that the CPU is boosting even when moving the mouse. When you set the Max Processor state to 99%, you prevent it from boosting. This is workaround, not a permanent solution.

A lot of people complain about this second issue and I have not seen it addressed by AMD or MB manufacturers with Chipset drivers or BIOS versions.

Everybody keeps saying the same things, like Update BIOS, reset settings and use Ryzen balanced plan. None of them work.

We need a real solution, so that our CPUs don't boost to over 4GHz for a 5% load and have those temp spikes.

AMD, we bought your CPUs, so do your job!