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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 3700x problems

I have a problem and I hope to find a solution to this problem:
I work as a 3D Maya designer, and at the present time I am making a rendering of a specific scene, using Arnold for rendering.
Unfortunately, the device is restart when I do is render and I don't know why.
Note: I am working with the normal CPU cooling(stock cooling).
cpu ryzen 7 3700x
gpu gtx 1660 super
mb aorus b550 pro ac
psu aorus p850
I hope to find a solution to this problem.
This is a picture of the cpu and I'm doing a Stress Test on it.
But what is new is that when the pc doing the stress test the screen has blackened and back again in 2 seconds and opened it again, as like I am editing the quality of the screen, and of course the program has stopped, and when I run the test again, the pc turns off and restarts itself
Thank you very much01.png

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Adept III

Do you know the exact model of your PSU?


With the screen blacking, it sounds like a video driver timing out.

Is there anything special about your Monitor setup that puts you on the edge of norm?  

(Like Multiple Monitors,   Super High Refresh,  High Resolution, Running through a KVM switch, running audio through Monitor)

Do you have any messages in Event viewer?

Make sure you are not overclocking the Graphics card.    A good monitor for that is MSI Afterburner.

It may not be related, but it never hurts to run in-spec.   Do not run DOCP or XMP.   Accept the Timings as set by Jdec and run the memory no faster than 3200MHz


1: no thing special about my monitor setup, just working on 1280*1024.

2: not got any message from any thing about this problems, and I never use overclocking manually or by software.

XMP is working, I'll disable it and try again.

thank you



Isn't Gigabyte P850PM one of those exploding power supplies?

I Know your model has an "A" prefix, but too close for my comfort.

Anyway, I don't think it is your problem, but something to keep an eye on.


It's the GP-750GM that is the bad ones...  and the 850 version