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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 2700x freeze under load/ stress test


really looking for some help and advise as i'm stuck on what to do next to resolve my issue. Spec as follows:-

MSI B450 A-Pro M.Board

Ryzen 7 2700x processor (not overclocking)


GTX 1080 GPU (MSI Sea Hawk)

SilverStone PSU - ST60F-ESB

Been having what felt like random crashes in games and music software, and have ended up with a replacement GPU (previous was a GTX 970) and new fans for better cooler from a hardware point of view. 

Downloaded Cinebench and Prime95 and each time i try to run these test the system freezes as it gets to full load (i.e within  20 seconds of the programs running).

I have updated chipset drivers as well. 

I cannot seem to locate the reason as to why the system crashes as i don't have any time to monitor things like voltages etc before the freeze happens. 

Some advise would be really welcomed as to what i can do to diagnose the issue and ultimately fix it!


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Re: Ryzen 7 2700x freeze under load/ stress test

Download Open Hardware which gives you temperatures, voltages and fan speeds for your CPU and GPU, It is free from here: Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget 

But to monitor your Ryzen Processor it is best to use Ryzen Master for that. You can download it from here: AMD Ryzen™ 7 2700X Drivers & Support | AMD .

But Ryzen Master is only compatible with Windows 10 since you didn't mention which Windows version you have installed. Otherwise use Open Hardware if you have a different version than Windows 10.

Your Freezing problem could have several reasons.

1- Overheating of CPU or GPU

2- Incompatible Hardware like RAM Memory

3-Failing PSU

4-Failing or misconfigured GPU or CPU

5-bad or failing motherboard

6- Driver or software conflicts or incompatibilities.

7- Outdated BIOS

I personally like using OCCT (Free version). It stress tests your CPU, GPU and best of all your PSU.  It gives you all the temperatures and voltages when the test are running. So you can keep an eye on what temperatures or voltages are showing to be abnormal.

The OCCT PSU Test runs both the CPU & GPU Stress test at the same time to put maximum stress on the PSU. It is a good test to spot overheating of your CPU or GPU or if you have a failing PSU.

Is your RAM Memory listed in the MSI Motherboard's QVL List by any chance : Support For B450-A PRO | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global ?

Also I would make sure you have the latest BIOS installed. The latest BIOS helps in RAM Memory compatibility:

Adept III

Re: Ryzen 7 2700x freeze under load/ stress test

As mention above this could be pretty much anything, Here's a few extra things to check to get the ball rolling.

I had this same problem with exactly the same power supply on a FX8350 system, i notice the 12v rail was only running at 11.9v in bios, soon as i changed the PSU the problem went away.

I had this problem on a Ryzen 2200g system, i noticed the ram was set to 1.35v in bios so i stepped that down to 1.2v and it fixed the problem also.

1: Have you plugged your monitor into the graphics card or the motherboard HDMI?

2: Did you apply Thermal Paste?

3: go into BIOS by pressing the Delete continually as the system start, sometimes it could be the F2 key or other, check the voltages and temp in there!

4: while in BIOS check your BIOS version, make sure its atleast version 7B86vA5 (LATEST VERSION IS 7B86vA9) I noticed there is alot of BIOS updates for your motherboard which support recent memory modules!

go to your motherboard Utility page and download CPUZ which is custom designed for your Motherboard which will give you monitoring info. (This version support DDR4-5000 display and above.)

Adept III

Re: Ryzen 7 2700x freeze under load/ stress test

as a quick test set your Windows Power Plan to Windows Energy Saver and run Cinebench again, if it passes or gets a lot further its a overheating issue.

Journeyman III

Re: Ryzen 7 2700x freeze under load/ stress test

Thanks all for the help and support. 

I was always cautious with updating the BIOS as i have seen other people have more issues than before the update. However, updated it and BOOM! Everything is working, and the whole system is now running really smooth. 

I too thought that overheating might be an issue with some of the readings i was getting on some more GPU based benchmarks. However, with the BIOS update it also seems like everything is running at much lower temps as well. Very happy to have this fixed. 

Thanks all!