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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 2700u working at 100% temps of 100


I just purchased an HP 15 inch laptop with a Ryzen 7 2700u and was rendering a video using Davinci Resolve which uses CPU mainly for rendering. 

I noticed it uses 100% of the CPU and the temps went to 103 celcius. The video was supposed to take 1hr to render since it was a big project, but I am a little worried that keeping the temps at above or at 100 will actually damage the CPU or laptop. 

The main reason I bought this laptop was to do video editing since the Vega 10 and the Ryzen 7 ares supposedly really good compared to intel, but I now see that I may cause some damage if used for this purpose due to temps and taxing the cpu so much for extended periods. 

Is this something I should be even worrying about for longevity of the laptop? or is it ok to keep temps and CPU usage at 100% for a few minutes at a time and what would be a reasonable amount of time safe to run at max capacity?

Thanks in advance. 

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amdnew2, your processor should shut down at 95C, so something is amiss.  Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master if you can.  May not install because of your processor being a mobile.  Otherwise tell us what you are using to measure CPU temperature.  Please try AIDA Extreme trial (tCtl).

Here are your processor specifications:


Do you have any external cooler help, like a fan?  Thanks and enjoy, John.


Hi, Ryzen Master is cannot be installed on my laptop. Not supported. 

I was using HWmonitor to read the temps. Since this utility read 100+ then and the laptop didn't shut down, then I it may be off in measuring the Temps.

I don't have an external cooler for the laptop, but I will avoid the software that uses 100% cpu for now until I can figure it out. thanks for replying.  


Actually, 95C is the Maximum Operating Temperature of the Ryzen APU.  When the APU's temperature start reaching and passing 95C, the APU automatically starts to throttle (lower speeds or disable cores) to keep the temperature below 95C. If the temperature continues to rise it will then automatically shut down the laptop to prevent heat damage.

Running the APU above or close to 95C will certainly either damage your APU or shorten it life immensely.

It is possible your laptop is not compatible to run that type of Rendering program without some type of external cooling. They do sell a powered external  Laptop Cooling Pad as from Amazon: 

Customer Review from Amazon Link concerning their laptop reaching 95C under normal loads:

I would highly suggest opening a Support Ticket with your laptop Manufacturer and see what they suggest or recommend.

NOTE: Have no idea how effective the Laptop Cooling Pads are .


I think you must follow elstaci advise with a riser. I have a HP with a Ryzen 5 2500U which I used KeyShot for quick renders. Make I have adjusted power plan on plug and on battery to suit my needs so it wo't burnout.