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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 2700 Precision Boost 2 works?

If I have enough TDP headroom left (Temps and Power), shouldn't R7 2700 boost over 3.4ghz? I do get boosts to 4.1ghz in desktop and up to 4.0ghz doing normal tasks (like internet browser) but under any amount of load it will top at 3.4ghz, it doesnt matter which game, program or benchmark. CB20 Single-Threaded gets all cores stuck at 3.4ghz, CPU Z 1,2 and 4 threads gets stuck at 3.4 ghz as well. League of Legends makes my CPU run at 35C (with AIO) and only pulls 25W of power, and still it wil get every single core on 3.4ghz. How can I make it actually boost without manual overclock? I do not want crazy clocks since this is not the X version, but I feel it could easily boost to 3.5ghz, 3.6ghz by itself on some cores on some heavier loads with the headroom I have (like League of Legends and single threaded benchmarks).

Why don't you just do manual overclock?

1. I do not want to lose the 4.1ghz boost and power effiency.

2. I do not want my cpu pulling 100+ Watts from my wall 100% of the time.

3. I do not want to void my warrant because my CPU does not do what I have been told it should do.

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Journeyman III

I have a similar problem, the frequency does not increase in any load, whether it is even a benchmark, even games or other software. Firmware and drivers are all updated. I also noticed that the voltage on the cores does not increase under load, but keeps within 1.1 V +-1%. I tried various BIOS settings, power saving off, CPU power mode, etc., but the effect is 0