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Journeyman III

RYZEN 7 2700 not working correctly with 4 slots of memory.

Hi everybody!

I have a RYZEN 7 2700

RAM 4 dimms, 8GB each. (HyperX DDR4-2400 PC4-19200 Fury Black (HX424C15FB2K2)

Motherboard "Gigabyte aorus M" B450 chipset with newest bios with AGESA

Bios recognize all 32 GB.

Windows 10 x64 see all 32 GB RAM but wroute that available only 16 Gb.

My memory type are in the list of supported memory with AMD RYZEN processors.

Is there a solution to resolve my problem with recognizing all 32 GB of RAM in Windows 10? 

2 Replies
Big Boss

samfur, what dos this mean? "Windows 10 x64 see all 32 GB RAM but wroute that available only 16 Gb."  If you mean shows only 16 GB memory that usually means bad memory slots/sticks.  What slots are you using?  Please try different sticks in different slots to narrow it down, then RMA the board or memory.  Please let us hear what you learn.  Enjoy, John.

I've tryed all different sticks with different slots. When i'm install any two memory sticks in any dual channel slots all works great. But when i'm install all four memory sticks to a motherboard, windows shows that i have 32 GB of RAM but available only 16 GB. Other 16 GB hardware reserved. I've tryed to change memory frequency, but nothing changed.