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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 1800x CPU speed staying at 0.54 GHz

My Ryzen 7 1800x has been running perfectly for about 2 years and just recently has started getting stuck at 0.54 GHz and randomly jumping up then back down to that speed. I was playing No Man's Sky when suddenly my computer started acting up so I closed the game and noticed my CPU speed. My computer specs are ASUS ROG B350-F Gaming, 2 8GB TRIDENT Z RAM DDR4, a Gigabyte 1080 8GB GPU, and my CPU is water cooled so heat is not a problem. My power supply is a Corsair RM750x. Any help is appreciated.

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Adept II

Hi huntcrash‌,

where are you reading the CPU frequency? (task manager/Ryzen master?)

That you have water cooling does not mean that heat is not a problem, actually, a water cooling makes it sometimes more difficult to identify issues (i.e. in closed loops it's not immediately noticeable if the pump fails).

Can you add some more information:

  1. Try to access the bios, from within you should be able to see the frequency and temperature of the CPU
  2. What kind of water-cooling do you have? is it a custom loop or a closed-loop? Does it have a brand/model?
  3. When you were playing No Man's Sky what was acting strange? (i.e. slow? unresponsive?)

Try to add as many information as possible (you can find a list of common information here:  )


Thanks for the reply, but I found out the problem a few days ago and forgot to remove this post.  I had a custom water loop and the pump broke. 


I dislike water for the ^ reason

I have AMD's top cooler on my 65W R5 3600 and it keeps it cool in games no matter what.