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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5900x system high power consumption


Hey everyone I am experiencing high idle power consumption. Around 150-200 watts.

My system is a 5900x, RX 6800, Gigabyte X570 Auros Pro.

* I have updated the bios to the latest version
* Installed a new PSU as the other one was old. The new model is 80 Plus Titanium
* I recently switched from an RTX 2080Ti which saved a few watts
* Unplugged all mechanical drives
* Set the PBO values to ECO mode value equivalent
* Tried resetting the bios settings to default
* I have measured the power consumption of just the PC with a smart plug. This matches the power consumption of the inverter that I am using for battery backup
* GPU power consumption is reported as 35W
* SOC power 5W, CPU core power 5W
* I run both arch linux and windows and I get the same results for both*

Tried running with one CCD disabled

Really not sure what else I can try. Thanks in advance

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Something is way wrong - my 5800X on air cooling with a 3060, 2 SSD's and 2 spinners, at mostly idle only pulls around 80W or so.  The 3060 idles at ~13W.

Your numbers aren't adding up - if you're only measuring PC power (no monitors, etc.), then based on your numbers, by process of elimination your motherboard is somehow drawing an obscene amount of power.
You didn't mention what kind of cooling you were using.  An AiO will obviously draw more power than an air cooler, but that total power draw still sounds high even with it.

Hit the VRM's with a temp gun, I can't imagine the m/b will be pulling that kind of power without something on it getting really hot.