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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5900X rebooting after long periods of idling, WHEA 18

Hi all!

I have newly upgraded my system with an x570 Aorus Master, a Ryzen 5900X, and 2x8gb GSkill Trident Z Neos @ 3600 CL14. Everything is great except for two problems: 1) My pc won't shut down or restart (I have to manually hold down power button once windows is done shutting down and which I think is related to a driver hanging, might do Win10 reinstall for that) and 2) My PC randomly shuts down after an hour or two of idling. It's perfectly fine as long as I'm using it, stress testing it, gaming, whatever as long as there's activity. As soon as I leave it alone for an hour or two it throws a WHEA 18 error, with some random core number (different every time it seems) and then reboots (the only time it can successfully reboot it seems lol). I was on beta bios F31j and also tried F31h, both with newest chipset drivers. I flashed down to F30 to see if a non-beta bios causes the same problem. 

I've heard I may need to up my LLC or some voltage or something to prevent it from dropping too much on idle. Some people say just using high performance power plan versus the balanced plan I'm on now fixes it so I'm going to try that next. My last resort will be a fresh Win 10 install and see if that fixes my shutdown issue and this one too. Maybe there's some weird stuff going on that didn't upgrade well from my FX8370 I was on before this. 

Anyone else experiencing this? And more importantly has anyone else solved the issue or have any ideas?


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Adept I

I just came across this and would like to say I have exactly the same set up as you and experienced exactly the same thing with my deteriorating 5900x.

The sad bit is I bought it from my local shop and lost my receipt. AMD is refusing to take on my case because of this. I believe they are now making RMA as hard as they can be because they know they have a faulty product and is now putting that responsibility on us consumers and completely turning a blind eye to it.

I am now going to everywhere I can to spread the news regarding this faulty processor that they are selling and absolving themselves of any of the predicaments that us consumers are suffering because of their ineptness.

Just like how this thread has been treated with absolute silence from the AMD support team here.