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Adept I

Ryzen 5900x / Dark Hero / Questions about overclocking

Hi, I'm reading about the ClockTuner utility, i'm documenting myself about the Ryzens OC, i'll get my 5900x friday.

I read lots of tutorials and stuff but i see lots of different informations about all that which are sometimes opposite.

I know the Dark hero has the dynamic oc switch which looks awesome and i'd really like to tweak it all to get the most out of it

I have an EK Aio 360 which keeps my actual cpu (9900k) quite cool

I will have a Dark Hero Mb, i was told that Clocktuner is not usefull with this utility, why?

I suppose it's always better to do it via bios manually?  Can i use Clocktuner to get proper values then set it up "in stone" via bios instead of having this app doing the OC via windows?

What would be the best way to do?

Thanks again

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