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Adept I

Ryzen 5800x vcore clock temp all wrong

Second time that I ask, can someone help ?

I bought a 5800x with a gigabyte x570 aorus elite and I'm having this issues:

1) clock under light load at 4.85.  under NO LOAD 1 core is always at 4,850 Mhz

2) vcore under light - heavy load 1.4 volt (for what I know it should decrease)

3) stress test with this numbers 4.85 on all cores and 1.4 volt it reaches 90 degree in no time

Do you have some solution ? I adjusted the curve on the negative side manually and imposted the voltage at -0.15 now is 1.26 udenr load but the minimun vcore is 0,763 now (before was over 0.9). is it a decent solution? is it a bios problem ? 

Lot of people are reporting these problems, no one is offering a decent solution, can somebody help

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Adept III

a guess
Try to reinstall bios
go into bios and load factory default.

1). go into bios
2). Press F2 and select bios advanced mode
3). go down on the page and find   Cpu Vcore   its properbly set to auto
4). Change Auto to  1,4v
5). save and exit bios and reboot computer
Try to play a game again and see if that help.

ps... ryzen cpu's is a hot cpu.. meaning at idle depending on your cpu it will run at example 40c and go up to example 85c when the computer is working..    Anything below 90c is okay.
My advice check that your cpu cooler is NOT touching the PCB on the moterhboard ( the round things near the cpu slot )
It can be your cpu cooler is "leaning" a tiny big and do not touch the cpu 100% everywhere.
Same goes if you have an m.2 in then top slot and it have a high passiv cooler on top of it, if can happen the cpu cooler touches this and again dosent cool all of the cpu as it should.
And check your fans are spinning.
Also maybe take out the cpu and put it in again and while you do so check no pins are bend.. The most easy way to see is if you take your phone and select to take a photo.. then just hold the phone up near the chip and look at the phones screen while you move the cpu arround.  ( its zoomed in in the camera )

Regarding your clock speed and voltage ect.. i have no idea.
But download  hardware monitor and you will properbly see some other data about your cpu ( in windows ) vs in the bios.
Example it show you min/maximum recorded cpu speed  and temperatures. ect.

pps.  Dont overclock ryzen.. The auto boost function is really good..  Be aware that the ryzen 2000-3000 series never boosted that well.. the first real good cpu that boost up to specifications and beyond is the ryzen 5000 series that you own and its doing a great job, but im not sure if i my self have a faulty cpu 5900x or if the bios/chipset driver have bugs that make peoples cpu's crash due to power issues.  Well try the above it wont harm your pc.  ( i also have a gigabyte motherbooard x570 )

the temperature, frequencies and all is taken with HWmonitor, open hardware monitor, ryzen master. All of them give the same results. I already tryed to reinstall bios. I bought a liquid AIO cooler that should be here in some days, I hope that that will work. The thing that concerns me is that there is no way to keep it at 4.7. It keeps going to 4.85 no matter what. Did I do something wrong downvolting? I think that 1.46 volt on all core in heavy load is not something that should happen and the system loose stability. thanks


Above 1.35V (+/-0.02) is not good for your CPU longevity if it is maintained for prolonged periods. 5000 series does burst up to 1.45-1.48V occasionally, but it's not sustained. Having that all the time is not normal. Go into full manual mode, carefully search through BIOS and disable all boost-related features or those that seem to be such (naming may very slightly vary, but it's usually related to PBO, precision boost or overdrive). Manually set multiplier to 43~44 (4.3~4.4GHz), voltage to 1.2 volts. Save and see if it applied. Then gradually lower voltage by small increments.