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Adept I

Ryzen 5600X not booting in Asrock x470 itx

I cannot start my system. Heared something missing bios?

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Re: Ryzen 5600X not booting in Asrock x470 itx

Just checked your motherboard's CPU SUPPORT LIST and there are no BIOS updates for the 5xxx Series Processors: ASRock > Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX/ac 

So your new processor is a paper weight temporarily until ASRock comes out with a BIOS that supports the new processors as mentioned by Earnhardt in his previous reply.

If you need to have the computer up and running until a new BIOS comes out then borrow or use a Ryzen 1xxx, 2xxx or 3xxx series processor that is listed on the Motherboard's CPU SUPPORT LIST.

The only Motherboards that support the new Zen 3 Processors are the 5xx series motherboards that has BIOS support at this time. Next year the 4xx Series motherboards will have BIOS support.

Adept I

Re: Ryzen 5600X not booting in Asrock x470 itx

Everyone was informed during the presentation that only x570 and b550 boards would support Ryzen 5000 at launch.  The x470 boards would get support sometime in January, IF the mfg decided to support it.