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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 PRO 2400g doesn't give me supposed performance

I recently bought a pc with Ryzen 5 PRO 2400g (obviously also vega 11 graphics integrated) and, I downloaded drivers with Adrenaline, with windows, and Driver Booster too, but when I open fortnite, for example, it autodetect high graphics configurations and processor of course can run fortnite in high graphics configuration, but it gives me 30-45 fps, I only can play in low set with 60-70 fps but game gives me a lot of fps drops, what can I do? I actually searched chipset drivers for my mb and I uninstall and install another versions of adrenaline, I have another friend who bought the same pc, and he can run warzone and apex in medium graphics configuration in 60+. ¿Any answer? Idk what to do:(

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Re: Drivers

First off using the auto updater can be problematic. Using a third party driver utility usually range as malware to a scam for money. 

I suggest going to the AMD driver download page and download the complete stand alone package. Get that here:

Then download DDU from wagnardsoft dot com and you run that from Safe Mode with the internet disconnected.

Then keep the internet off and install the AMD driver you downloaded. Use the Factory Reset option when installing.

if that doesn't help, see what version your friend you say is running on the same hardware and download that driver and repeat the above before installing it.

Report back on your progress. 

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