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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5600X overheating

I have been having a problem for almost a year, it's sporadic tho. It's always happening when i turn on the PC, not on games. When it's normal the iddle temp is always been between 33-45 °C and on games around 60-70 °C but when is having the problem and  i turn it on goes up to a 105°c iddle  before turning off by itself. I cleaned up everything, changed the thermal paste and the issue is still there and worst. I have a Liquidmax 3 240mm liquid cooler, this is getting my nerve , so what could be the problem?

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Big Boss

Taeminator, you cannot be running at 105C. Your processor is specked at maximum of 95C and will shutdown quickly, unless you disabled PROCHOT (please do not!). Please post SSs of Ryzen Master (RM) in both Basic and Advanced mode running Cinebench R23. Please no other SSs. Thanks and enjoy, John.


Looks like the pump of your AIO is not working. It can be that, when the Pump cable is connected to CPU_FAN, this fan does not is configured at 100% speed or it is nog ln PWM mode. I personally would use the SATA to FAN connector to connect the Pump and connect a case fan to the CPU_FAN to trick it.

A 240mm Radiator is able to cool down a 5600X without even the fan's running even with small office work. My old rig with a Corsair 240mm and 3900X has no issues to keep it cool without fans running just by case airflow. 

Pump not running is actually a no go for cooling and explains the behavior.

wim-bart, we really need to know what temperatures Taeminator is really seeing but I agree with where you are going. I run all my fans on 12 volts using an connector as you suggested but breakout the tachometer signal and plug it into the fan header. Thanks and enjoy, John.


if you processor is reaching 105c it is very close to shutting off your PC before overheating damages it if CPU throttling doesn't keep it from rising further.

Your CPU is engineered to run at a Maximum Operating Temperature of 95c. Once it reaches 95c the CPU will automatically start to throttle or slow down to prevent further overheating.

I agree with @wim-bart  who mentioned that it sounds like you have a intermittent AIO CPU Cooler. I would open a Warranty Support ticket, if it is still under Warranty that is, to see if your AIO needs to be RMAed or not.