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Adept I

Ryzen 5 5600G with Asus Tug B550m-Plus

Just got this motherboard and a new

Ryzen 5 5600G CPU 

Ram is 1 stick of

G.Skill Aegis DDR4 3200MHz PC4-25600 CL16. 

PSU is Corsair 650w 

Everything turns on but it doesn't display on screen I've tried to ez flash the bios and move the memory around.


I've noticed the CPU fan will stop for a split second before spinning again some times and the Light on the motherboard Blinks orange for Dram.


Does th CPU require certain Ram to work? Of so any links of one proven to work with this setup?

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Adept I

According to the qvl list, I believe that ram should work. First make sure the ram is the correct slot. If it is, try to get some different ram to see if it's that. You should really be using 2 sticks of ram anyway, it makes a huge difference in performance.


When you mentioned you have no Video output to your monitor is this even when it boots into Windows or just during the POST phase of booting where you would normally see to enter BIOS?

1- How are you connecting your Monitor (Make & Model) to the Motherboard's Video output port? 

2- Are you using an Adapter like HDMI to VGA or something similar or is it a straight HDMI to HDMI or DP t DP cable connection?

3-If you get Video output when you enter Windows desktop then it is your monitor. In this case I would set in BIOS to CSM Mode (legacy) and see if your get video output during POST.

4- You don't, by any chance, have a separate GPU Card installed do you?

5-What Motherboard Trouble LED Lights are lit when it boots up with no video output?  VGA LED Light?

6-Can you enter Windows Safe Mode or you have absolutely no Video output to your monitor?

7-If the Motherboard's RAM LED it lighting up that indicates issues with your RAM. Most Motherboard's suggest to install your first RAM stick on A2 DIMM Slot. Second slot from the CPU. If it is installed in any other DIMM Slot it may not work correctly.

NOTE: As to your question about the CPU requiring a certain RAM to work correctly is "YES". If the RAM you install is not 100% compatible you will have all type of issues including not booting up.

That is why you need to purchase RAM from your Motherboard's QVL List for your processor or the RAM is listed as being compatible on the RAM's manufacturer support page for your motherboard.

Please post the G-Skill RAM Part number to see if it is compatible with your motherboard and or CPU.

Putting the computer together and pressing the power button the fans power on and the monitor (TV in this case) switched to black screen that says no signal.

It won't boot up to bios or anything.

It's connected HDMI to HDMI and I have tried both onboard graphics and installing a seperate graphics card with the same result.

I only got 1 stick of memory cause on a budget an wanted to make sure it worked but definitely intend on upgrading more once I know it will work.

The Number on the memory is.


CL16-18-18-38 1.35v

I tried the memory in each slot with the same results.


Seems like your RAM is compatible with the Motherboard and Processor:

Screenshot 2022-01-14 220214.png

Also what BIOS version do you have installed on your motherboard? is it version 1401 or higher (newer)?

You need BIOS version 1401 (12/08/2020) for the Motherboard to support your 5600G APU Processor.

If you motherboard was purchased in January 2021 than you should have a BIOS version that is supported by the motherboard for your processor.

You can check because Asus has a small thin White label sticker near the DIMM slots or CPU Socket with around 2 lines thick. On the second line at the very end you will see a 4 digit number. That is the BIOS version that came with your motherboard. If it is 1401 or larger then you have the correct BIOS installed.

So either you have bad RAM Module, defective Motherboard, or defective CPU.



I see MB14A0-B0C2006

I did try to do the EZ-Flash with the newest bios as well with the same results


Okay it says you have BIOS version 2006 (04/08/2021) installed so you are good to go as far as the BIOS is concerned.

Try this.

Disconnect all hardware from your Motherboard except the PSU and Processor. Turn it on and see if the CPU Trouble LED light goes on then turns off and the DRAM Trouble LED light turns on and stays on.

IF it does then install the one stick of RAM Memory and see if the DRAM Trouble LED Light goes off and the VGA Trouble LED turns on.

Connect your Monitor after installing the RAM memory.

What this is doing is that BIOS is checking each hardware as it boots up. If it finds a hardware having issues the Hardware Trouble LED Light will stay on.

Since you have a APU the VGA LED light should turn on then off and the System Trouble LED should come on. Then start adding hardware and see if the problem is isolated or fixed.

Hopefully you motherboard has Trouble LED Lights on it. Should be 4 Trouble LED lights generally.

This way you can isolate at which hardware you have installed is causing the problems with booting up.


So there's 4 Lights Boot VGA CPU and Dram.

With nothing plugged in but the CPU an PSU after about 30 seconds the only light that comes on is the DRAM it will pulse a couple times then off for about 15 seconds then pulse and continue this.

With the Memory added still the only light to come on is the DRAM but this time it comes on sooner and flickers more frequently.


None of the other lights have come on at any of these times even plugging into monitor.



The DRAM LED light should come on solid when no Dram is installed. But I don't know if that is normal for your motherboard or not.

I would again ask Gigabtye Support about that and see what they say. I am beginning to believe that Gigabyte repaired your original motherboard and sent it back to you with the same problem as before. just guessing unless you know for sure you got a different motherboard. You can check the Serial numbers to find out.

Also open a AMD Support ticket. It shouldn't take BIOS 30 seconds to check your processor. it should take maybe 1-3 seconds at most.

You could  have a defective CPU that is affecting your RAM Memory.

So something is not right with your Motherboard, RAM, and processor installed.


The motherboard like the CPU and memory are sopose to all be new.

I'll see if I can get ahold of ASUS support the board is still under warranty if that's the case.

Returned the CPU under warranty and they sent me a new one but same issue.

DRAM light is staying solid orange and I even put brand new memory in that's on the compatibility list so doing this with two different sets of memory


What BIOS is installed on your motherboard? You need BIOS revision 1401 or newer to run your 5600g

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