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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5600 temps

Hello! I've noticed yesterday after I reinstalled windows that my cpu is heating to 70-71C° when installing games and 61-63C° when downloading or doing some tasks. The strange thing is that I upgraded my board from b450m pro4 f rev 2.0 to b550m pro4(both are asrock)  and before reinstall it was OK but after that it's heating. Any tips what is causing the problem and how can I fix it. My cooler is the wraith prism. I disabled the overclocking in bios and stil same. Temps in bios are from 45-55 C°

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Hi, this could be happening for so many reasons...

Changing boards means different ways on how the CPU behaves and/or even how the fan curve for the Wraith Prism is adjusted. Among other things.

Better VRM design may also allow the CPU to go further than before or maintain a certain clock.

Its hard to say because there are so many variables, like used thermal paste. But, If you aren't getting like 80 to 90ºC during gaming, then you are just fine.

The Wraith Prism is a wonderful cooler, I had one for quite some time but If you really want sub 40ºC while browsing or doing average tasks, then a AIO Watercooler or a beefy Air cooler is needed.

The Englishman

I've changed the termalpaste today and i  use artic mx-6, can say a good amount of past is applayed. I've disabled precision boost autooverclocking, enable the performance mode of the cpu fan applayed a fan curve via A tunning utility of the mobo and still 70 degree on installing a game to my ssd. I noticed that the cpu utillization spikes to 100% and this is kind a suspicious. Now my temps are solid 40-42 degree with broswer opend with more than 3 tabs and discord and some other apps runnig at background.