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Journeyman III

ryzen 5 5500

hi all

first of all i would like to apologize if my English isn't clear , buy i will try to be clear enough ..


2 days ago i got my Ryzen 5500 CPU and dropped it on MSI toomhawk B450m max II motherboard and when i boot my PC it stuck on CPU led which is in motherboard ( Ez Debug ) and even GPU fans isn't spining which is mean that motherboard is not recognize the CPU at all , tried to flash the Bios with the latest version from MSI , but nothing changed ,, same Issue !


thought that my Motherboard is dead and bought a new one ( Asus TUF gaming B450M Pro S ) , and asked the dealer to Update the Bios and dealer confirmed that Bios is updated and MB tested with ryzen 5000 Series !!!


but actually when i dropped my 5500 CPU in motherboard same thing happened , Dram Led is always ON , GPU fans isn't spinning ,, bla bla bla


i tried to do everything but my PC is full dead and i don't know what should i do 4 real , im very sad and getting worse day by day as my computer is dead ,

some of you will understand my feelings , that the PC is my close friend actually , i'm a person who decided to live in this world not the real world all my friends , everything is online , can u imagine what i mean ?


please i need any help


thanks all , have a good day .. fun gaming .. hard work ♥

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Journeyman III

MY PC other Specs

Adata XPG 16 GB 2X1 3200 mhz

Nvidia GTX 1650 SUPER ( no smart cooling , fans spinning from the moment i press on Power switch )