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Adept I

Ryzen 5 5500 stock fan is too loud

Hello, i just built my pc, once i turn it on, the stock fan would be really loud, I'm using ryzen 5 5500, the CPU temperature is between 30 and 40 in idle state

I'm using 1660s

Case is antec nx290 

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Big Boss

Aragius, please complain to AMD. Enjoy, John.


According to AMD Specs for your Ryzen 5 5500 it comes with the weakest AMD CPU Cooler the AMD Wraith Stealth CPU Cooler.

Also the Processor's TDP ratings is 65 Watts with a Maximum Operating Temperature of 90c.

That CPU Cooler is fine for normal PC use but it will run your processor hotter than if you were using a 3rd party CPU Cooler with a TDP rating of at least 150 Watts.

Is the noise loud due the fans running at 100 percent or does the noise sound like it is grinding or is a weird type noise?

Turn power off and physically check the CPU Cooler's fan. it should turn very easily without resistance and any type of noise. Then most likely it just that the CPU Cooler needs to run at full speed to keep your processor from overheating at a lower temperature then a 3rd party CPU Cooler.

NOTE: The bundled AMD Wraith CPU Cooler should be under Warranty with your processor if it is defective.

Hello, it seems like the noise isn't from the cpu fan, I guess it comes from the case fan, yet, some people adviced me to make a fan curve, and when i checked the bios, i found out that the CPU fan is at 0rpm, so is there a reason for that?


When in BIOS it is showing the CPU Cooler fan as 'Zero' was the fan actually not running or was it running?

If it wasn't running your PC would have shut down within seconds so either the Motherboard's sensor is not sensing your CPU fan or BIOS is not correct.

If the CPU fan is running I would boot into Windows and check with Radeon Settings to see if the fan is running normally.


The fan wasn't running, at that time, but then it started to run, yet the rpm was 0 yet when i made the curve and left the least one on 50% the rpm started to show up 

The CPU fan should be running all the time otherwise your CPU will overheat in seconds and shut down.

If the Fan is not running when you power up than you either have a defective CPU Fan or Motherboard CPU Fan port.

Most likely the fan might be going bad if you power up the PC and the fan doesn't start up immediately. it might be sticking due to dirt or debris or something is physically preventing the fan blade from start up, or the fan's bearings are going bad.

Adept I

Okay that's how it works, once i turn on the pc, the fan would start working, but it stops for one second regularly when the windows logo appears, just for a moment, then it keeps working again, it happens every time that i thought it's normal

That's first

Second, when i tried to do the fan curve, the cpu fan had zero rpm, the fan wasn't rolling at that time when i got into the bios, yet, when i checked the fan curve and i made the fan run at 50% when the processor goes on 10 degrees, the rpm started counting normally, but when i sat the fan curve as before, the rpm went back to zero, so simply, the rpm would be at 0 unless i use 50% of the fan speed, so what could be the reason for that? 

Also, even when the processor is on 25 degrees, the fan would be still working, and the processor would be on a normal temperature, so I'm really confused, like what could be the issue?


Aragius, the fan curve abomination is a Main Board invention. Please talk to them about it. I have always avoided it by buying large slow turning fans and running all fans and the pump on 12 Volts from PSU. Enjoy, John.