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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5500 RAM compatibility

Hello everyone, I'm new to the pc world. I'm building my first pc and I bought a ryzen 5 5500, with a b550m motherboard. I read on amd website that the max ram speed for this processor is 3200mhz but a friend suggested me to go for 3600mhz. The price difference is ok for me, what should I go for? Is the processor even compatible with 3600mhz? Or is it 3200 the maximum I can go for

Thank you in andvace for a response

Have a nice day 

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Adept III

If you have a B550 motherboard, it is likely that you can use RAM with speeds higher than 3200MHz. However, it is important to check the motherboard's specifications and compatibility list to ensure that the RAM you choose is compatible with your specific motherboard model.

The Ryzen 5 5500 processor is compatible with RAM speeds up to 3200MHz according to AMD's specifications, but some motherboards may support higher RAM speeds through overclocking. If your friend suggests going for 3600MHz RAM and the price difference is not an issue, it could be an option, but check the compatibility with your motherboard and the actual performance gains may be minimal.

Hope this helps! 
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