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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3600x : AMD Ryzen Master tells it is overclocked

Hello everyone.

I have recently build a setup with a Ryzen 5 3600X CPU. After downloading and launching Ryzen Master, the software tells me the CPU clock speed has a maximum value of 4400Mhz (compared to its based clock speed 3800Mhz).

I did not configure anything in the BIOS to overclock it and I did not modified anything in Ryzen Master (I just launched it and it's on the "Standard Mode").

On the BIOS, it is set to run at 3.8 Ghz.

When I let Ryzen Master open and monitor the value, I can sometimes see it running above the 3.8Ghz base clock value. So it does run like it is overcloked.

I have a few questions :

- is it normal for it to run at its maximum overclocking value ?

- on the long run, can it have negative effects on the processor ? (I run on stock cooler - a AMD Wraith Spire)

- is there anything I can do configure so its maximum clock speed is the base clock value 3.8 Ghz ?

Full setup :

- CPU : Ryzen 5 3600X

- MOBO : MSI x570 Gaming Edge Wifi

GPU : MSI Gaming X Trio (RTX 2070 Super)


Thanks a lot in advance if you answer to the question.

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: Ryzen 5 3600x : AMD Ryzen Master tells it is overclocked

I finally figured it out.

There was two options on the BIOS that were set to "Auto" that basically allowed the CPU to be boosted above its stock clock speed.

The options were "Precision Boost Overdrive" and "Core Boost Performance".

I changed the values to "Disabled" and now my CPU does not go above its 3.8Ghz speed.

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Re: Ryzen 5 3600x : AMD Ryzen Master tells it is overclocked

It is normal for the clock to be 3.8 base and 4.4 boost. Your processor is supposed to be able to boost to 4.4.  If you are making changes that are disabling boosting then you are also crippling your performance for no good reason. 

This is the actual AMD spec page showing that its boost is 4.4 also. 

PBO just sets the boosting to be more aggressive it does not however make the processor go higher than the max boost of the cpu without PBO enabled. 

Then you have XMP for the memory. If you don't enable it then your memory will never go close to more expensive 3600 mhz ram you bought. 

Now AMD does for some dumb reason consider XMP an overclock even though they list it as a supported speed. However I promise you it is in normal range. 

You will be leaving about a 20% performance defecit on the table not using these features. That however is up to you.

Just know there is no way they can tell you ever used those features so 

If you ever have the need to RMA you don't have to mention you used those features. 

As long as you are not switching to manual and leave those settings on auto I wouldn't worry. 

Again it's up to you to decide what you are comfortable with. 

here are a couple pages you might find helpful: 

Explaining AMD Ryzen Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO), AutoOC, & Benchmarks | GamersNexus - Gaming PC... 

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