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Adept I

ryzen 5 3600 permanently in 4.2ghz boost


i build a new pc and noticed that my ryzen 5 3600 is always in turbo even when i'm just browsing.

Disabling precision boost overdrive didnt help, i also tried turning off core performance boost, but that causes my cpu to always stay on 3.6ghz and never downclocking or boosting. Having my energy plan on ryzen balanced keeps my cpu always on 4.2, but according to hwinfo when i put the power plan on balanced (the windows default) then my clocks jump from 4.2 to ~2.8-3.5ghz EVERY SECOND.

I also think that being always in turbo causes my high temps, i have like ~42°C when just browsing. (cpu cooler: scythe mugen 5)

My old i5 6500 was around 30°C all the time with a crappy deepcool cooler.

So what can i do to lower temps and especially fixing that perma boost problem?

my hardware:

r5 3600

msi b450 tomahawk

3000mhz cl15 crucial ballistix

rx 580 8gb

thanks in advance

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maybe you put too much thermal material on the CPU, only need a very small amount


some thermal paste was squeezed out when i installed the cooler. But according to gamersnexus it doesnt matter how much thermal paste you apply.

i guess it has something to do with the cpu being in boost all the time instead of downclocking so it generates less heat


gamersnexus is a moron, defects are on a micrometer scale not millimeter

try a clean install of windows and make sure the BIOS is set for windows 10 WHQL

i did a clean install of windows, but that didnt help. I checked my clocks with hwinfo today and it looks like as if the windows default powerplan "balanced (recommended)" clocks the  cpu down how i want it. My temps look good, if im not getting decieved, does thermal paste need a few days to "perform" better?

Anyway heres a picture of my temps after 5 mins in idle according to hwinfo: Imgur: The magic of the Internet 

Why do i have a spike of 46°C? and just after taking the screenshot, my max temp spiked to 52°C. I get spikes where it just hits 40°C+ and then it goes back to low 30's


using a dot the 1/2 the size of a BB is still more than is needed for a CPU, so little is really needed most have 20x to 50x too much


yeah i tend to do a rice sized dot. People are saying since the chiplet is out to side it dosent get enough cooling when doing a center  paste application.... no this false. after applying the past cooler the paste spreads square to the edges.


when the cooler is tightened, a small dot of TIM is spread easily by the pressure


Spikes of 42c are normal with precision boost as voltage spikes. Air coolers spike temps quickly and dissipate the heat quickley. Water cooler ramp up  heat over time and also take more time to cool back down. Air coolers tend to be more efficent coolers this way but you sacrifice space in your case. The spike are more noticeable on ryzen 3000 as I believe smaller chiplets have less surface area to dissipate heat and thus create heat more quick. 


i turned precision boost overdrive off in the bios and still get spikes. Im not sure if the thermal paste i used was bad. Anyway, what signals me to change my thermal paste? 80°C+ under load?

Community Manager

Use the Windows Balanced Power Plan and the CPU will drop frequency. Fluctuation in CPU frequency is normal and expected. 


if im not mistaken, isnt ryzen actually 10°C cooler than the sensors show? i could swear that i heard something like that once


amdmatt, please be aware that W10 1903 significantly altered their Balanced Power Plan (looks a lot more like Ryzen's Balanced).  So there are a lot of these complaints after installing 1903.

mlxg56, in the past Ryzen temperature had an offset which varied per the processor.  Fortunately AMD stopped this nonsense some time ago.  Simply look at the specifications for your processor and always use Ryzen Master to measure temperatures and you will be GOOD!

Enjoy, John.


amdmatt, I just realized that the processor Specifications have a Max Boost Clock but no longer have a Max Temps.  What are we to think?  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Adept II

What app are you using to monitor the temps seems hwinfo is getting wrong temperature data if you compare to ryzen master Ryzen.jpg

Big Boss

m1adam, I do not see your temperature - behind the HWMonitor?  Please use Ryzen Master (RM) for temperatures.  Please post a clean screenshot of RM with no overlaid images.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

EDIT: I guess you have temperature disabled on the Settings page.  Please enable it.


sorry my typo i meant was the clock speed, as you can see ryzen master is showing different clock speed as to hwinfo clock speed


m1adam, I do not trust hwinfo and suggest users trust ONLY RM.  It does not surprise me at all that they disagree.  Enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

enable cool n quiet in the bios - literally just did it and it worked, Bios 1A msi b450 tomahawk

Adept I

your problem is power plan related as you already mentioned. amd released a new chipset driver including a new set of ryzen balanced power plans which will fix the issue. the application method of thermal paste has absolutely nothing to do with this


i have updated the chipset drivers a few days ago and changed something in the bios. I checked my temps with ryzen master and my temps are like ~35°C in idle, which is pretty nice. Hwinfo64 shows different/higher temps tho, but according to amd only ryzen master shows the correct temp

Adept I

HWInfo (and all other monitoring tools) show something like a hot spot temp on the heatspreader which can be pretty annoying due to temp spikes and hence ramping up fans. Ryzen Master shows a calculated temp.


use ryzen master, other tools may not give accurate results

Adept I

Balance (Windows 10 Default) works differently depending on Build.
There are many fine settings for power plans, and items are usually hidden.
I have made some custom power plans so try it out.

Ryzen_PowerPlan (ver__) .zip

Normally, it is not necessary to increase the CPU clock for applications that do not require much CPU power.

[Ryzen Power Plan] World of Warships

* Attension
If you are using Micron E-die memory, we recommend setting CAD_BUS to 120/30/30/120.
This makes the system stable at higher clocks. (DDR4-3800 1T, No-GDM, tCKE=1, etc...)