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Journeyman III

ryzen 5 3600 idle 55 - 60c? is this too much?

My ryzen 5 3600 temps are idle 55 - 60c, gaming 70-75c! Is this too much?

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Adept I

I have a similar problem with temperature

ryzen5 3600+ x570 A Pro MSI Motherboard and good cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 eSports DUO( 2x120 fans? 210 TDP heat dissipation); case Zalman Z1 NEO

In games cpu load 10-35% and temperature jumps between 62-68° if load not more 20% and 70°+ if loard more 20%

In work today im fixed 81°С

AIDA stresstest give result 88-89°C and im think its realy hot


So, what operating temperature should this processor have?

Give information on the percentage of load and temperature -at how many % what temperature is normal and what is already elevated?


cinebench r20 i think is near Full load nad my temps are 66º Maximum at the end of multi core test. I have exatly same cooler. To achieve this and a socre of more then 3770 set ryzen master to default settings, go to bios disable pbo enable  all settings that says CPPC (this is under advanced tab i think the last one in asus prime boards) then set a fixed voltage of 1.2625 and cpu ration of 4.2, run cinebench r20 multi core, if pc restar up voltage a bit more to like 2.685 and try again,  up until 1.28V i can  guarantee it will be safe in 99% cases, if you want more performance put 1.28 and 4.25 ratio, then you compare cinebench results and decide for yourself, report your results to me, ty

the fixed voltage and core ration is is AI tweak menu in bios on most boards,  also in asus you can disable  PBO there, CPPC as i said for me is in advanced menu last or second last submenu)

Adept II

If you using default settings thats normal, if you want to fix that for 38-44 idle temps and less 15º while gaming open ryzen master select Manual profile put all cores to 4.2 and peak voltage at 1.26xx or  for even better performance put them at 4.250  peak voltage 1.28xx  run cinebench  hopefully it dont restart pc. Its stupid to have to do this and feualt settings are so bad. Dont worry about that peak voltage. until 1.325 its very safe

After set up ryzen master click apply then ruzn cinebench r20 multi core test, and report the result also with the ghz and peak voltage you used, mine with 4250mhz with 1.28xx  gave me always around 3770

but what about Precision Boost 2, if the voltage decreases, will not the frequency by which the cores will be overclocked decrease, or will the number of cores/threads that will be overclocked decrease?


undervolting dosent mean speed decrease,  becouse you set up  the peak speed asweel,  you can put a very low voltage and a super high speed,  the cpu will be able to reach it but maybe for just 1 second as the load increase voltage drop and pc resets.  defaulkt settings use way too much voltage for nothing. too much voltage = high temps = cpu knows its hot and slows speed .  sert a fixed voltage of under 1.29  then set a speed like 1.41 , run cinebench r20, if pc dont crash increase speed a litle , rinse and reapeat , when pc  crash decrese for last stable value.

Adept II

you can think of volts like energy stored in cpu, when you run a heavy cpu software the cpu will use those vols inside it thus the volts will lower, if they drop too much and the cpu cant handle its speed with such low voltage pc resets.  But you only want as much voltage as needed to be able to run the speed you set without causing a performance lost. (i can run 4.2 ghz on 1.25 speed but my performance will be worse then 4.2 at 1.2625,  after that more volts lower performance as temps increases a bit stec)  measuer performance using cinebench r20 multi core test. im getting always more then 3773 now