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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3600 how to adjust turbo speeds. (turbos when mouse moves across screen... normal?)

I just upgraded from a Ryzen 7 1700x to a 5 3600, and I've noticed that when ever I moved my mouse across the screen and nothing else, it turbos up a bit and the temperature spikes by 5-8 degrees as well. I assume this is part of the design of the chip, but is there any way to mitigate this or turn off the option? It's just unnecessary in my opinion.

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Adept II

I think that we should get the mouse boosting to stop, before trying to mess with the actual boost algorithms. 

Some general questions:

What is your active power plan? Have you adjusted these in any sort of way? 

Have you adjusted any BIOS settings? If so, save your current profile and then reset to default.

If this is a fresh OS install, I'd go ahead and wipe it and re-install again. It's a convienent time to do it, if you have nothing to really lose in terms of files. 

For the thing about boosting while moving the mouse:

This exact thing happened to me, except the computer was heavily loading when moving the mouse on the screen (instead of boosting) with my i7 3770K build. I ended up fixing it by using a different mouse and throwing that one away. Do you have a different mouse to try? 

It can also be your mousepad, that sounds stupid, but true. If your mousepad has a bunch of small particles on it, it can cause the mouse to think it's moving very rapidly (although a very short distance). Hopefully this idea or the one above fixes it for you. If not, we'll have to dive in deeper! 

This will at least get the ball rolling somewhat. 


My current power plan is the AMD 'balanced' plan

The only bios settings i've adjusted are my ram speeds "D.O.C.P 3200mhz" and my cpu fan curve, making it more aggressive.

It is not a fresh install, i've just upgraded from my R 7 using the same install of windows. After of course updating my mother board's bios to it's most current version that supports Third gen ryzen. My x-370-A prime mother board on bios version 5222.

I just tried using a different mouse and it did the exact same thing

Also using my mouse on a different surface did not do anything different.

I should also add that it's not necessarily just waving my mouse across the screen, I noticed that it turbos up significantly more when I move in circles over a bunch of links to youtube videos. It got up to nearly 60c when doing this and Ryzen master reported it turbo-ing up to about 3000 mhz.


hello arronb,

on idle mode, spikes can up to 10°C on last Ryzen, don't worry.

Using last AMD chipset drivers 2.04 or 2.05 reduce the spikes and temperature.

Have you a mouse or keypad tools software installed ? With gesture detection some of them can heavy use one core for a short time.