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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3600 Gaming temperatures

I have Ryzen 5 3600, my temperature when i'm gaming 80-85c. Is that normal? because i think this too high

(Screenshot in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

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A little advice. You may want to reset your BIOS like this. Whenever you make a change to your BIOS. There is a little trick.

Set it to Default then restart the computer. Once it clears all settings. Then make the changes. if you do everything right your system should run cool. If you change something an leave the windows an come back later an change something. it will for some reason hold it in memory an cause a heat buildup. So you have to reset the BIOS to default every time you want to make a change. Which is why they ask for you to make a profile.

I have also found some issues from Firefox causing a high heat mass. Go to Tools>Options>General> in Performance

Either disable it or set it to 2 or lower. YouTube wont suck up as much performance an cause a heating issue. Or just disable it. When you close Firefox you may find Firefox has installed a new version of itself an wont stack on top of the older version. This also causes a heating issue. As well as a Closing issue. Where when you close the window. 5 minutes later a window will popup telling you you still have windows open.

This is due to Firefox not completely closing an generating High heat. This can also happen when using EA games. You may have to restart your computer every time you exit out of EA ORIGIN.


Yep seems like bit higher to me, what MB do you using? From bios maybe you could speed up the fan for higher temps, 


It starting to sound like you have no thermal paste on your processor or your fans are not speeding up. I am using the MSI X470 Gaming Plus.

Before we do anything drastic here. Do me a favor. Check to see if your fans are speeding up or slowing down. After that.

Check an see if your processor is running at default or is it auto overclocking? By that i mean see what the box says your processor is moving at. If its in Turbo speed all the time there could be a issue with Windows. 3.6 to 4.2 should be the max. if its hire than that. Yeah. there`s a problem.