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Adept III

Ryzen 5 3600 boost performance drop


I recently bought a ryzen 5 3600 and upgraded from Ryzen 2200G

My issue is, when I first run CB R15 on stock, I get 1550+ multiscore, but afterwards I start to get scores around 1450's, generaly between 100-150 lower scores

My CPU temps are lower than 70C, I've a dual fan 120mm air cooler on it

My mobo is B350M-A, using it since first ryzen launch, 2017 april with lates BISO from ASUS web site

What could be the problem? Is there anything we can do to resolve this issue? 

Attached screen, on stock run it gets 1581, afterwards all my runs get around 1450'ish scores

 Ryzen 3600 performance drop.PNG

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Adept III

Thats weird, can you post a screenshot of Cinebench R20 and hwinfo portable (sensors only option) at the same time, and make sure you click the "Reset MIN/MAX/AVG" button as soon as Cinebench start to render (DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS!!!!!)

The reason I ask you for CR20 testing, is cause thats what I  been using for testing my Ryzen 5 3600.

I got a Gammaxx GTE cpu air cooler (only 1 fan), and on CR20 I get above 3650 points (I set every PBO options OFF on BIOS, is a useless option for me).

hi mate

Finaly found the problem after 2 days tinkering and even reinstalling windows: it’s my 1070ti drivers

nv telemetry service was using 10% of cpu time which started after my cpu upgrade, didnt tought checking the services cpu usage till yesterday and then problem solved

now the scores are in line with guru3d cb r15 scores but 200pts lower than timespy cpu benchmark, and all core boost is at 4000, single core top boost at 4133

CB R20 scores are 465 single, 3541 multi, 3% lower speed may be my 2666 CL14 RAM and lower boost clock of CPU caused by ASUS prime B350M-A  motherboard, no biggie

thank for your support, beware of nvidia telemetry

Glad you find the issue!