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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3600 Blue screening - Windows update?

I had a quick look through past posts but couldn't find anything. I have a Ryzen and since December have had loads of Blue screens even though system was stable since Aug 19. I tried a lot of debugging of this and the errors are always windows kernel. Nothing in the stack points to a bad driver on my end. Memtest of RAM is fine. I've been on detailed debugging elsewhere. 

Reddit's theory is a windows update results in kernel crashes when boosting. Wondering if there was anything to this. I haven't tried disabling boost yet but if that works for me I don't know if that indicates a faulty CPU I should RMA or I need to hold tight for windows to fix their end.

Just coming here to see if this is a common issue.

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Journeyman III

Ok going to guess this isn't a thing then. Any ideas on how to pinpoint the issue I have.

Clean installed windows.

I'm getting

Windbg always points to stack corruption / overflow and ntoskernel is always the thing that picks this up. My 3600 is from Aug 19 and system hasn't changed hardware. I have updated all drivers to latest, also tried with windows default installs for them. Also tried a different PSU. Memory is tested ok with memtest, also removed axmp and not running any OC on the CPU. 

Drives verified good by only running SSD with windows installed and it is reported ok with samsung magician. sfc scannow doesn't find and corrupted files so corruption must be ram.

Failing memory controller on my chip?


Have you checked to see if your RAM Memory is compatible with the Motherboard and CPU?


Board's QVL list:
RAM: CMK16GX4M2A2666C16

Lots of other Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM is on there but not my particular kit. I was planning to upgrade to 3600mhz at some point. I was thinking of getting more of the same at the faster speed but cant see the available versions on the list. Too many variants....

I did try to faff around with BIOS and driver updates etc when this broke after 18mo of working. I do plan on trying the older BIOS now I'm happy drivers are clean and up to date.


I may try getting some CMK16GX4M2D3600C18. This isn't on the list either but an older variant (B vs D) is listed so I assume this will work better. RAM was carry over from old system so was planned to be updated at some point so money spent here I don't mind even if it isn't the issue.

Journeyman III

I just had exactly the same symptoms with my 3600X. Symptoms started about 5 weeks ago but I have owned the CPU since they were released (over 18 months).

I initially thought driver or Windows update was the culprit, I reimaged a few times without luck. 

Replaced RAM and motherboard without luck.

Installed on new drive without luck.

Tried install with different GPU, without luck.

Different PSU, no luck.

Removed case from the equation, still no joy.

Ordered new CPU from Amazon on same day delivery and issue resolved. I'm awaiting RMA info now for the old CPU.