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Journeyman III

ryzen 5 3500 Overclocking Guide

Hi Red Team,

I have the Ryzen 5 3500 and wanted to know the clock speed that i can achieve on safe level.

i have msi-b450m-pro-vdh-max and it has set precision boost and core boost performance(enabled by default) which had the CPU voltage sometimes reaching above 1.4v(which was making me cautious)

Due to this i had disabled both the options(precision and core boost).

Wanted to know whether 1.4v is safe to reach for this CPU?

Also, if you can please let me know the safe clock speed and voltage that i can set for my Ryzen 5 3500.

Thanks in advance!

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Big Boss

ironman366, as long as you or surreptitiously installed OC software is not involved, the voltages set by AMD are safe.  Ryzen does a very good job of protecting itself.  All you need to do is uninstall any OC junk installed by you MB vendor and a Clear CMOS to remove any bad settings.  If you will post a screenshot of Ryzen Master, I will see if I see any bad stuff.  For serious OCing, I recommend an OC forum.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

Thanks a lot John for the information!

Sure, please find Screenshot of Ryzen master in the attachments.

Currently, i have everything default 3600Mhz stock speed.

I wanted to test 3950 Mhz with 1.325v(is it good with this setting if you can let me know/i can achieve higher, as stated turbo boost can be upto 4.1ghz).

Wanted to know if manual OC/PBO/Auto-overclock which is best to use.

Also, if you can let me know the EDC value which we see in the Home section is related to the motherboard`s VRM? (like how much it can support).


Once again, thanks for the prompt response!

Journeyman III

ironman366, i've reached the 4,151 with this processor, i boost it with BIOS, the voltage is auto by this motherboard 1,304 V, hope this reply give you clearly sight.pastedImage_1.png

Adept I

recently bought this CPU as its somehow popular in Asia where I live.I am also curious about the best Optiosn to OC the chip without risking degradation. I have run an 1500X at 3.95ghz 1.3675V for 3yrs without any problems but I heard that such fixed voltages for Zen2 could be at risk.

There are so many OC methods these days on this platform so thats confusing, especially since I moved from a B350 to B550 board as well so PBO and the related current PPT,EDC etc are another part of the equation.

Using PBO and all OC features Auto in the Bios, I see Vcore largely above 1.4V during idle/low loads on this CPU so thats a bit scary.

Did the OP finally use Ryzen Master for OCing and could you share your settings at all?