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Journeyman III


Ok, so recently - i bought a ryzen 3400g, and awww man, it was pain to cooperate with that thing.

At first, i ordered a non-updated bios in my mobo, so i needed to get some cheap gpu to update the bios to the latest version, then after launching a game i played like 1 hour or more, and it crashed.The problem still exists, but it acts kinda weird, because it works for some games. The one weird thing about that is, that the processor on amd adrenalin in graphic section has weird jumps to 100% of usage and then falls down ( i can post some ss later if someone would like to see). Also i did some RAM testing in hwinfo, but that worked perfectly fine. And on the other hand, later on i got only my screen stuck on one frame, and sound was glitched. It can be a mobo thing or something with APU ram usage. It mostly happens in some games like minecraft, i can play apex on lowest without crashes for example. There are some games that won't crash until i launch more apps at once. Soo, im here to ask, do i need to check my mobo, or buy new GPU and exchange mobo in near future, or can i find some workarounds? Also i get Kernel Power 41 error. My specs down below:

Ryzen 5 3400g

Asrock b450m-hdv r4.0

Crucial 2x8 gb 3000MHZ cl15 Ballistix black

Silentium PC Vero L3 500w Plus Bronze (if that's really needed)

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