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Adept I

Ryzen 5 3350G - drop in frequency of integrated graphics


Ryzen 5 3350G - cooling DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 200T
MSI B450-A pro max
2x4GB RAM - Crucial CT4G4DFS824A

Faced such a problem that in games it starts to lag: after a minute, FPS drops by 15 seconds, and then again it is normal for 1 minute.
The RAM was overclocked to 3200MGz, thinking that it was in it, dropped the overclocking to 2400MGz, but the problem remained, although lags became less frequent - every 2 minutes lags for 15 seconds.
When I installed a discrete video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti, no lags occur at any available RAM frequency, but the built-in Vega 11 is certainly better than my video card, I would like to play on it.
In addition to games, the problem is also observed in FurMark, and then I realized that the matter was in the integrated video card.
I must say right away that the processor is without overclocking, as is the frequency of the integrated graphics core.
Here is a link to YouTube, where I recorded the problem in FurMark, where you can see how the frequencies of the integrated graphics drop after a while. The problem can be seen at 2:30: