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Journeyman III

ryzen 5 2600x reaching 50 c on idle and above 80 while gaming

Hi, I ought a computer a few months ago and i notice that the cpu temps are to high while i play video games and on idle. While gaming rainbow six siege according to coretemp i have a max of 88 and min of 71. and the pc while on idle is on 50 C. i am runing the stock cooler for the moment. i bought a new one but its on the way.

My specs:

Ryzen 5 2600x

GTX evga 1070 ti

Mobo: Asus prime b350m-A

16 gb ram

pls help i have searched and find that this are hight temps tu run.

PD: Ryzen master it does't work every time i try to open it a translucid windowds appear and after a few secods close

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Big Boss

peregrino, please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM), if you can.  Is your Windows non-English?  Enjoy, John.


. Captura de pantalla (12).pngCaptura de pantalla (14).png

Hi thanks for answering me. RM wont open as you can see on the second pic a translucid window appears whenever i tried to open it. my windows is in Spanish

best regards


Thanks, peregrino.  I have e-mailed AMD support about all the RM problems, but it also looks like you have an old installer.  My installer is AMD-Ryzen-Master.exe.  Please DL the latest from the AMD Ryzen Master web site and post a screenshot of the Properties Detail tab:


Perhaps you could try changing your Windows to  English briefly to test and post a screenshot.  Thanks and enjoy, John.