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Re: Ryzen 5 2600x BIOS setting wont take effect

Just wrote another long post and found out you found the answer, LoL.  So the latest BIOS was causing the issue. I would let Gigabyte Support know this to see if they need to fix F30 BIOS Version. Normally, an updated BIOS fixes thing but there are the exceptions. 

I have an Asus Motherboard and the second to the last BIOS version would prevent my computer from booting up. But then Asus came out with another newer BIOS version which works great. Unfortunately it was the last BIOS update since my motherboard is now considered to be End Of Line (Non-Supported).

Might as well mark your comment that mentions the fix as "Correct" so others will know what the fix was.

Good troubleshooting!

Good Luck!